Performance problems on 2011 Macbook Pro


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Jul 5, 2019
Hi, I've owned a 2011 15' Macbook Pro since the year it launched, it's been a great computer all of these years and I upgraded the ram from 4gb to 8gb and swapped the mechanical 5200rpm HDD to a 256gb SSD.
About 1 year and a half ago my battery almost blew up so I removed and used the computer without unplugging it from the ac adaptor, now here comes my problem: my actual geekbench ( shows that it has a pretty poor perfomance in comparison with other Macs with the same parts and model. Youtube videos can't be seen in 1080p quality, the ui lags a bit on the animations etc... So, is this score normal? Is so low because of not having battery? If I install one, would it be better?



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Oct 19, 2014
Your slow performance is because you don't have a battery installed.

I picked up a late 2011 15" MBP before and the battery was swelling, so I took it out and after that the performance was terrible. Once I got the replacement battery and installed it, the MBP worked perfectly fine again. The battery was just a replacement one that I picked up off of Amazon. Any compatible battery should work fine.


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Sep 9, 2017
As said above, it's because you don't have a battery installed. The performance is heavily based off your battery's health, so go and buy a new one and it should be performing much better.