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Oct 29, 2008
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I've recently purchased Macbook Pro 15'' 2017 with TouchBar, which came preinstalled with High Sierra, so I kept it on. Transferred all the apps / settings from my previous Macbook Pro. And Ever since I have transferred all my stuff from Sierra to High Sierra, High Sierra seems to be acting up once every few hours - I'm mainly working in PHPStorm with some node processes running in the background, and a few browsers to test the JS Apps in.

Problem is that every few hours I'm experiencing a lag / beach ball, which simply makes the App I'm currently in unusable and kinda "stuck" so I have to force quit it. It usually is either PHPStorm, or Chrome - even an iTerm has stopped working on me once. Since these "lags" a really random, I for now am not sure what to search for, if it's a High Sierra thing or a hardware problem with a SSD drive...

All my stuff and apps were working great on my previous Macbook Pro Late 2011, with latest Sierra installed.

Oh and also, I'm using FileVault on both machines if could eventually be of any help.

Looking for any clues on what could possibly be the source of the issue - I would even downgrade to Sierra, if it would solve the problem as I'm not forced to use latest XCode.

What you guys think?

Would appreciate your opinions!

Macbook Pro 15'' late 2011 with Sierra 10.12.6 - no hangs or whatever.
When transferred to Macbook Pro 15'' 2017 with Touchbar running a High Sierra 10.13.4 experiencing random hangs in various apps and only resolution is to force quit it.
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