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high sierra 10.13.4

  1. philpalmiero

    Latest High Sierra update did not work on my hacked 2009 MacBook Pro

    I upgraded to the latest High Sierra public release and it crashed my OS. Now all I get is a big 0 with a slash instead of the Apple logo. I cannot get to the recovery boot either. Has this happened to others?
  2. tons123

    What do I do about a flickering macbook display?

    I have an early 2011 MacBook pro (13") running on High Sierra. About a month ago after I connected the laptop with my tv the screen started flickering after I disconnected from it. Particularly it flickers when I switch through windows or when I scrawl up and down a browser. I have tried...
  3. kemo

    Persistent freezes, lags, beach balls on High Sierra 10.13.4

    Hello! I've recently purchased Macbook Pro 15'' 2017 with TouchBar, which came preinstalled with High Sierra, so I kept it on. Transferred all the apps / settings from my previous Macbook Pro. And Ever since I have transferred all my stuff from Sierra to High Sierra, High Sierra seems to be...
  4. JayBayAye8

    Mac Pro 2013 + High Sierra = Constant Hanging / Freezing w/ Non-Responsive Screen (But Mouse Moves)

    I've searched on Google and here and can't seem to find much discussion about this, and what I do find is lots of people like me but no solutions. Freezing / Hanging The core problem is that ever since upgrading to High Sierra (or possibly the one before), my Mac Pro will experience several...
  5. macnicol

    Sierra on a late 2009 iMac?

    Running El Cap now, any suggestions or cautions about upgrading to Sierra or High Sierra? Yes, I have several bootable backups available.
  6. camelia

    Resolved Folx Download Manager alternative?

    Hello, I am looking for a Folx Download Manager alternative The problem I have with Folx Pro is everytime I have to format my Mac in order to perform a clean install, I have to contact with Eltima for a new serial number, and since some apps from this developer were Infected With Malware...
  7. D

    Magic Mouse 1 tap-to-click

    Dear folks, I got a second hand magic mouse to use while I am not very comfortable with trackpad in library but I just found that there is no tap-to-click option with magic mouse while there are a lot of third party apps. So my question is can I use terminal commands to add tap-to-click on my...
  8. B

    No Audio ? 10.13.3 HS

    Updated my MBpro to only find out that it is not producing any sound. I have checked all the preferences and everything. With no solution? Is anyone else experiencing this issue also ?? I might take it in to the apple store tomorrow if no one can figure out a solution to my problem.
  9. SaltedsnakE

    After upgrading to High Sierra 10.13.4, sleeping has gone weird.

    I just updated my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) to High Sierra 10.13.4 and noticed that whenever I put my iMac to sleep mode, it's screen black-out instantly rather than fading out like it used to. Is there anyone who has the same issue or is it just me?
  10. ThatSandWyrm

    iMac Pro 10.13.4 Update Changed The iMac Pro's Fan Behavior

    Updated to MacOS 10.13.4 last night, and I'm noticing quite a difference in the way the internal fan is working. Before, you'd never hear it at all until it kicked in under a HEAVY load, then it would run at maximum until it reached some preset temp, and would suddenly fade out. Now, the fan...
  11. aaronlroberts

    GTX 750ti - High Sierra 10.13.4 - Mac Pro 2008 Graphics Problems

    Hi all. I've just invested in a lovely Mac Pro 2008 and got it up and running with High Sierra 10.13.4. Except I have this VERY big problem with my GTX 750 ti (which was working in my Mac Pro 1,1). I'm getting lags and UI glitching everywhere. When dragging a window, it lags terribly, very...
  12. bemed

    HHKB Professional 2 not working on 10.13.4 Beta (17E182a)

    After updating the macOS to 10.13.4 Beta (17E182a), my HHKB Professional 2 stopped working on my Mac. Should I revert to the latest canonical version or there is a known fix for this bug? Here is a screenshot of my Mac overview.