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Oct 10, 2014
So, there was a discussion in the POD thread about photo association. I thought I’d finally start a thread for it.

The idea is to post a photo that's somehow associated with the previously posted photo. It could be similar subject matter, it could be based on prominent colors, shapes, or even some kind of wordplay. No strict rules here. There’s no need to explain why you chose your photo, unless you want to.
Trying to figure that out is half the fun.

Update - June 2021
A few simple ‘rules’ to help us all stay focused ?

  • all work must be your own
  • only one photo per post (multiple posts per day allowed)
  • please do not knowingly repeat the same photo within a one month time span. ideally there should be no repeats, but we are all human. and some of us are old with poor memories.

So, to start off......

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