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    I have always managed my own pictures folders since before my Mac days. So when I came over to Mac, I quickly learned to use Photos with a referenced library. I have always done this. Having completely converted to Mac, and now using my iPhone 6s as my camera, I now import my pictures directly into Photos. It is just easier than monkeying around with a third party importer or anything else that I know of. Because my Photos is set to have a referenced library, what happens to the pictures that I 'import' from my iPhone? Are the truly imported and stored off my phone or are then only 'referenced' in, meaning if I delete them from my phone they are gone? I really appreciate any insight on this.

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    Good question.

    Why don't you do a "test delete" using a pic you don't need, and report back to us the results of your experiment?
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    The convention is, is that if you import from an external device into a Referenced Library, then you need to have that external device connected to view the photos.
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    While I certainly understand the conventional setup, it is certainly different because of working off an iPhone. I deleted pictures out of iPhoto, that were taken on my iPhone... but that really doesn't tell me anything. Actually because of the photo stream, even pictures that I have taken on my iPhone and not synced show up in my pictures on my Mac in Photos. So it is not like a typical setup of a referenced library. All that being said, if I copy out a picture from Photos (imported from my iPhone) it is apparently full sized being 2mb~. So I'm assuming that Photos does indeed actually import and store the photos imported from iPhone in the full blown size. That is what I was hoping was happened. I will drag the ones out to permanent Photo folder hierarchy that I want to. That way I can organize my folders. That has always been my complaint about iPhotos --> Photos, is the way it controls your folders. Thanks for the input.

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    I just got this! Delete it off my iPhone, and see if it still is in Photos! I had it backwards. I will try this, but my gut feeling is that it will still be on my computer. - Ok, ran a quick test, did not sync my iPhone and computer, and I still had the full size picture on my computer. So, yes it does store them.


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