Physical 'Emoji Keyboard' for Macs and iOS Devices Lets You Type Emoji Faster


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Apr 12, 2001

EmojiWorks is today debuting the first hardware-based emoji keyboard, which is designed to make it easier for users to quickly type their favorite emoji using built-in shortcut keys. The keyboard looks like a standard Apple-style keyboard, but it includes emoji symbols.

Each key on the Emoji Keyboard from EmojiWorks includes an emoji in addition to a letter, which can be inserted by pressing a dedicated emoji key along with the key that houses the desired emoji. The keyboard features many popular emoji like the poop, thumbs up, unicorn head, taco, heart, and a series of faces.

According to EmojiWorks, typing emoji with the keyboard is up to 10 times faster than the standard emoji typing method. The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard is able to work with both Macs and iOS devices. Because the emoji shortcuts are pre-programmed and the emoji pre-printed on the keyboard, the emoji keyboard is not customizable. Some favorite emoji may be missing, so while you can ask a co-worker to get tacos for lunch, you're out of luck if you want burritos.

There are three separate emoji keyboard models available: the Emoji Keyboard ($79.95), the Emoji Keyboard Plus ($89.95), and the Emoji Keyboard Pro ($99.95). While the hardware is the same in all three, the number of emoji shortcuts differs. The cheapest Emoji Keyboard offers one emoji per key, for a total of 47 emoji. The Emoji Keyboard Plus includes 94 emoji, and the Emoji Keyboard Pro includes more than 120 emoji, with three shortcuts per key.

Each version of the Emoji Keyboard can be pre-ordered from the EmojiWorks website starting today.

Article Link: Physical 'Emoji Keyboard' for Macs and iOS Devices Lets You Type Emoji Faster


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Sep 10, 2015
Why on earth are Emojis so important to some that a company felt the need to make this keyboard?

It has no additional practical function outside that of a normal keyboard, and will make anyone who posesses one seem like an idiot that prioritises Emoji and SMS-speak over proper legible writing.


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Aug 29, 2009
"Limited availability so act fast!"

I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to decide on if I want to make a terrible financial decision or not

Their logo even has the crying-laughing emote... they aren't even being serious.
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Oct 31, 2010
This made me think that Halloween was in fact April 1st.
I got confused for some seconds.
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