Please help!! >..< iTunes sync issues with iPhone 6S+

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    Feb 11, 2016
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    So yesterday my wife and I upgraded our iphones from 5S (16 gig ) to 6S+ (64 gig ).

    The day before we upgraded I did 4 back ups , one on her Net book running XP for her phone , one on my mac mini running lion for my phone, and we both did one via iCloud just in case.

    So after updating both iphones6S+'s last night, neither liked our computers.

    I have iTunes 12.2 installed on both the netbook with XP and my 2007 mac mini has lion.
    I tried to download newer itunes but it wouldn't let me run it on either machine.
    On windows XP it says I need to install windows 7 .
    On my mac mini it says this iphone cannot connect to iTunes because it's too old , please download the newest one from apple. When I attempt that it doesn't give me the option to download anything newer than 12.2

    Needless to say we can't restore our iphones from our computers. Since we both recently did a icloud back-up we used that to restore our phones and they are up and running now. Sadly we don't have our music on our phones .

    We love music and have gigs and gigs of music we both paid for on iTunes and want to import into our phones but apparently we can't.

    Do we need to buy new computers to have access to our music?

    I have itunes match but mostly for back up purposes. Since we have 5 gig's of data that we share streaming our own music is not ideal situation. She doesn't have iTunes match, but that isn't a big problem. We have plenty of space on our phones for music and want it on our phones, but I'm afraid we may have to spend hundreds if not Thousands of dollars to upgrade them to be able to access our own music.

    Help. Any advice on what we should or could do ?

    Apple stores are not too far away but the slow tedious process of placing gigs of music on phones is something we don't have patience for sitting around an apple store all day for. Especially considering that we both want 5-10 gigs of music on each of our phones.
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    You can check the minimum system requirement for newer versions of iTunes on the download page:

    I think that both of your operating systems may be too old to support the newer versions of iTunes, and thus the newer iPhone models.

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