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  1. DrEGPU

    MP 7,1 Slow boot when adding more drives?

    I tried Googling this but only get generic answers or solutions to different problems. I recently reacquired a Mac Pro (7,1) and it worked well initially. When I added 2x spinning disks and a SATA ssd using a sonnet J3i, it takes a long time to boot. The spinning indicator spins for 3-4...
  2. tensixturtle

    Booting From FireWire 400 Hub

    Hello, I was wondering, if I were to get a FireWire 400 hub, can I boot from things connected to it? I am asking because my iBook G4 only has one FireWire port and I wasn't sure if this is a viable solution. FireWire drives are pricey and I know that I can't boot from a drive connected to my USB...
  3. N

    Activate USB-C monitor during boot?

    I own a MacBook Pro from 2017 which originally cost $3,000 direct from Apple. In October, the TSA was doing a random search of by bags during travel and stepped on my MacBook. Despite a clear footprint, they claimed they received it that way. In either case, the left-most 3" and bottom-most 2"...
  4. H

    My iMac completely ignores when I hold down alt at boot

    I've tried two wired keyboards, one of them Apple, but it just goes straight to the internal SSD. No options. How do I fix this? It's a 27 inch 2009 model, feel free to move this to 'Early Intel' if needed. Thanks!! x
  5. E

    Macbook Air a2179 failing to complete boot

    Hi, trying to fix a friend's MacBook air (early 2020). A drink was spilt over it last year, so opened it up and it's in great condition as only had to clean the usb-c ports which had gone bit crusty. Then plugged it in to charge and it loads to the last bit of the status bar then will reset the...
  6. blackxacto

    Anyone having restart issues in Monterey?

    19,1 iMac, macOS 12.1, 64GB Ram: If I am running Monterey and decide to RESTART, I do not restart w a working keyboard(cabled). I have to shut down completely, then click power button to boot. Then my keyboard is recognized, so I can sign-in to my administrator account. I haven’t had this...
  7. E

    MP 6,1 MacPro Late 2013 6,1 Booting issues -- Black Screen

    Recently I experienced some issues booting. I sent it to Apple they replaced the GPUs, Logic board, and a few cables. I got it back yesterday and it still is having issues booting correctly. The boot issues are the following, it boots perfectly fine into Windows 10. If I restart my computer and...
  8. SCavndrF

    Can't boot from SSD due to Yosemite Recovery

    I have 3 MacBook Pros that I updating and installing SSDs. Two are 2015 and one 2014. All 3 are using the same 3rd-party SSD. Two are all running Catalina. One keeps coming up with Yosemite. It will NOT see the SSD during installation. So I created a USB installation drive with Catalina on...
  9. P

    2013 Macbook Pro won't boot after failed OS upgrade

    I have an older Macbook Pro, A1398 EMC2673 (2013) Core i7 which seemed to be working fine. Because I'm an idiot, I downloaded an update to the OS and installed it before I did a backup. Now it won't boot. I can turn it on and get to the login screen. I put in my password and the status bar only...
  10. N

    MP 1,1-5,1 5,1 boot issues

    Have Mac Pro 5,1 that I’m having problems booting. It loads is to about 3/4 on progress bar and stalls. Have recently installed open core legacy patcher to run big sur and does the same using open core boot picker. Ok this is what I’ve tried so far Reset pram, changed battery on main...
  11. Manek43509

    MacBook Pro Makes Me Login Before It Boots Up

    Right, this is very odd. I have never seen this or come across this before, so I'm wondering what thoughts people have… I have an A1278 mid-2012 MacBook Pro which has been my workhorse laptop for many years, and I still love it. It runs on Mojave with no issues. But I wanted to do some upgrades...
  12. Alvin777

    Any Way to Boot FreeDOS, MS-DOS 6.22, 7.1 or MS-DOS 8 (if that Exists) Off an Intel Mac?

    Hello MacRumor, Apple and Mac friends. Is there any way to make FreeDOS, MS-DOS 6.22, 7.1 or MS-DOS 8 (if a real DOS mode, standalone of version 8 exists) boot on the Mac, specifically an iMac, be it off an internal Mac drive, external one, CD/DVD or via network (external drive like a USB-A...
  13. Alvin777

    masOS Boot Volume Disappeares After Boot Camp Resize

    Hello Apple friends I was planning of backing up my Boot Camp volume so I resizzed it to become smaller with a Windows app, now, after it resized it to be smallwr even though Big Sur is still there, it wasn’t deleted, the iMac can’t find it, it won’t boot to Recovery Mode and if I boot to an...
  14. 268unlock

    macbook pro mid 2012 What can cause the SMC to repeatedly need to be reset?

    i have a MacBook pro mid 2012 ever so often it wont boot and i would have to reset the SMC what would cause this to happen. am in the Caribbean so their is no apple store close by
  15. H

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 5,1 (4,1) doesn't boot from PCIe NVME blade

    Greetings. I am on: 4,1 MP flashed to 5,1 Radeon RX 580 64 GB RAM 2x 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Catalina (10.15.7) Boot ROM MP51.0089.B00 SATA SSD as boot disk 2x NVME M.2 blades via PCIe adapters on my two PCIe 4x lanes remaining after putting in the GPU (which covers my two 16x lanes) All...
  16. B

    MacBook Air won't boot MacOS from new SSD but works with Ubuntu

    Losing my mind trying to problem solve this one. Have replaced an old SSD after it failed. Figured a new SSD would do the trick but after installing Mac OS on it and installing it in my MacBook all I get is a folder with a question mark. Disk utility won't load, connecting to online server just...
  17. G

    Power Cut Out When Updating OSX From Mojave To Big Sur

    I have a large problem As the title describes my power cut out (faulty power cable) when I was upgrading from Mojave to Big Sur about a month ago. My 2015 Macbook Pro now won't load past the Apple logo and my Macintosh HD partition won't mount no matter which method I use. I have a second...
  18. P

    I'm lost all the support will be welcome

    Dear all I have a 8,1 iMac which I just update with 8GB ram and a SSD CRUCIAL MX500 (1 TB - SATA - 560 MB/s). I create a bootable El Capitan usb with transmac and GPT partition. I thought I had all I need but I the true is I can't make the iMac boot by the USB. I tried different. dmg (old...
  19. Q

    Unable to Boot Windows from External Hard Drive on MacBook Pro

    Lately, I've been trying to create a bootable USB drive with Windows installed on it that I can plug into and boot on my MacBook Pro. I followed this tutorial to the word, right up the part where he modifies the boot security settings to permit booting from external sources. My Mac is old enough...
  20. JulianBoolean

    Dual 30" Apple Cinema Displays | Sync / Power Problems on Boot MP 5.1

    Intermittent Problems: On Boot ups, sometimes only one monitor will power up. Sometimes neither monitor will power up. Sometimes power to the USB ports will work, sometimes not. A Good Boot Up Sequence For My System : 0. Push power button on Mac. 1. I will see the power light come on my main...