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Jan 1, 2009
Followed by the PowerPC Challenge - COVID-19 2020, I wanted to do somewthing useful for the powerpc community.
Since I don't have my Powerbook with me, I was looking for software sources for powerpc.
Here is what I have found so far. Guess it would be nice if everybody shared their findings and we could make it sticky.

The Cheetah Thread 10.0
The Puma Thread 10.1
The Jaguar Thread 10.2
The Panther Thread 10.3
The Tiger Thread 10.4
The Leopard Thread 10.5

Web Archieve - lots of Operative Systems , specially machine bundled ones


Dreamsupport - ASDs and lots of tech tools also
People on Advanced Reworks Forums have made a Resilio repository for ASD images:

The free version of Resilio is somewhat limited, you can't for example sync only selected files, but have to sync the whole repository instead, which in this case is >60GB. But you can try the Pro version for free, which let's you sync selectively and only download the files you need. - some links to MR forum apps

Office 2008 update links

Latest Paragon NTFS for Mac 9.5.5a (from Seagate/Samsung) - I think the 9.5.x version is the latest powerpc one. And found very difficult to find. Contacted Paragon to buy it, but they said it was impossible. I don't know if this version runs without serial, but it is distribuited by Seagate Samsung, more about it here and here .

Blue Phone Elite 2.2.8 - for the users of old phones it was awesome, able to send sms from the mac. It may be a trial, but any old version registration data will work. Mirasoftware, which sold it, already closed years ago. Great piece of software for the ones that like to use old phones. Compability list

Old Garmin softwares - garmin basecamp legacy (latest tiger version 2.1.2), mapinstall, training centre, etc
Old Golden Cheetah versions (PPC) - sports analyzing software

Facebook, Messenger, Soundcloud, Google Hangouts and twitter apps

USB Webcam drivers for MacOS (MACAM)

Wifi drivers: is a matter of finding wich chip your adapter is running. Here can be found drivers for mediatek/ralink, for Realtek 8188 here.
Some brands that usually have the drivers (it's a matter of searching which model from them uses the same chip as your adapter): TPLINk, Edimax
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Aug 19, 2010
Good stuff, thanks. I’m still thinking about finding a cheap PPC system on eBay to play around with.


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Oct 28, 2015
I was debating about whether to mention them given that their downloads are for members only and I'm not sure they'd appreciate a whole bunch of new members joining just for the downloads.

If they choose to hide their downloads behind a login wall, that's bound to happen.
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Jan 1, 2018
Ok, awesome! This will be a great resource! :D

DEAD AND BROKEN !!! Dreamsupport - ASDs and lots of tech tools also - nothing downloads from there, all links broken.
If they choose to hide their downloads behind a login wall, that's bound to happen.

This site is dead.. I tried to download older techtool pro versions and the site is dead -> remove: Dreamsupport - ASDs and lots of tech tools also


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May 6, 2004



Jan 1, 2018
I didn't think of that. What life would if they didn't create wayback. I remember it when i accessed it with my PowerMac G4 Sawtooth 350 back in the day. Their website was just getting underway. Does Seti still work ?


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Sep 3, 2021
Does anyone have the latest minor versions of Path Finder 5 and TechTool Pro 6, compatible with PowerPC?

I have licenses for both, so I am only looking for official distributives. Cocoatech support said they cannot help, and I think Micromat will be no better.


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Feb 18, 2014
report: is gone. It just loads a page about buying a domain. Obviously this person gave up or moved on.
Sad. Well, luckily the Archive stores blog material very faithfully, but it's always sad to see another site go... The page seems to have a donation button for helping keep the site alive. Maybe the audience, too, gave up and moved on. The last working version I can find from Archive is from January 2020, and even then, the last blog post is from June 2018, so the user has actually been gone for quite some time now. Before that, posting was frequent and there was no message stating that the project would end.
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