Preparing iMac for Genius Bar / Drive Replacement

Discussion in 'iMac' started by uptownnyc, Sep 22, 2016.

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    I'm scheduled to bring my iMac into the Genius bar to have the 3tb fusion drive replaced under the 3tb Drive Replacement Program. I use TimeMachine and backup my machine locally to an external USB drive. I also backup off-site with CrashPlan. I basically feel like I've protected my data, but I'm sill trying to make sure I haven't missed anything, or that I'm not compromising my personal info when I hand over my iMac.

    Since I have a TimeMachine backup, and an off-site redundancy - what's the right way to "clean" my system so that an Apple tech can't access my personal data? I've never restored a device from TimeMachine, so I'm not sure how it all works. If I were to wipe my drive on the iMac, would restoring from TimeMachine put it exactly back into its pre-wiped state?

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    Here's what I do when I handed my Mac over to Apple for repair.

    First, I used Carbon Copy Cloner, no knock on TM, but the restore speed of CCC is significantly faster then a TM restore, plus imo, it much easier. Boot off the external drive that was backed up, select the options for restore and boom, its done in no time.

    After verifying that I have a solid backup, I wipe the machine, I do a clean install of OS X, and seet up a dummy account that they can use. Given the type of work needed, that's probably not required, but that's what I did.

    Good luck
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    If you are really concerned about your private data, just reformatting and re-installing will not actually delete the data. It could still be recovered...

    To completely wipe it

    I usually perform a total wipe before selling or recycling a drive or computer.
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