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Apr 12, 2001

Apple last week announced pricing increases for Apple Music, Apple TV+, and the Apple One bundles that include those services, and customers are now receiving emails making them aware of the changes.


In the United States, Apple Music is $1 more expensive for individual users and $2 more expensive for families, while Apple TV+ is $2 more expensive. Apple One plans that include these services are increasing in price accordingly as well. Current Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple One subscribers are receiving emails from Apple about the price increase, with a 30 day heads up. Emails have been going out since last week, but a number of Apple One subscribers will be receiving notices this week as it is the two year anniversary of the service's launch.

Those who do not want to pay the increased prices should have plenty of time to cancel their subscriptions before the cost changes are enacted, with the emails include a link to subscription management options.

Apple Music

  • Individual plan - $10.99/month, a $1 increase
  • Family plan - $16.99/month, a $2 increase
  • Annual plan for individuals - $109/year, a $10 increase
Apple TV+

  • Monthly plan - $6.99/month, a $2 increase
  • Annual plan - $69/year, a $20 increase
Apple One

  • Individual plan - $16.95/month, a $2 increase
  • Family plan - $22.95/month, a $3 increase
  • Premium plan - $32.95/month, a $3 increase
The pricing increases listed above pertain to the United States, but the cost of Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple One is also going up in other countries where the services are available.

Apple raised the price of Apple Music due to increased licensing costs that will provide more money to artists and songwriters, while Apple TV+ is more expensive because it now offers more content than it did when the service launched.

Article Link: PSA: Apple Sending Emails About Apple One, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ Pricing Increases


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Jul 25, 2002
I cancelled last week when it was announced. Just like I cancelled Hulu when they upped their rates a few months ago. Just like I cancelled Netflix who I had left an active subscription with for years without watching because every year they kept raising my rates, the last one was the last straw.

There is a certain point where most people stop saying "oh, its only x, I'll use it eventually so lets keep it" and they switch to "cancel it, I'll pay for it for a single month to catch up on my shows"

I don't understand how these companies don't just destroy their revenue streams by these actions.


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Aug 18, 2012
I wish Apple One was more à la carte where you can pick and choose among the services. For example, I am not a gamer, would like the News, iCloud (200GB), Music and Apple TV+ as an option. As for the costs, everything is going up and the breaking point is coming soon (likely not til early 2023).


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Oct 19, 2016
To me, the insult comes less from the modest price increases, than from the fact that the economy is slowly imploding and they have the nerve to increase prices on an already barely-enough product. Just seems like a weird move.
I agree with you, but our frustration is based on the assumption that the person running the Apple One suite of products has a basic understanding of logic and economics.
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