PSA: Wait a few days before complaining about Yellow Screens! The glue is drying


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Aug 11, 2008
The other iPhones dont have Truetone. I turned off true tone and it went away
By default Apple LCD screens are set up with a very high colour temperature's which are probably designed to look best in outdoor daylight conditions, however bring them inside where room colour temperature is much lower (especially at night with lights on) and the screens will look very blue in comparison to a sheet of white paper placed next to the phone.

Truetone is a technology designed to adjust the colour temperature of the LDC/OLED screen to compensate for these differences in ambient lighting. If you have spent the last goodness knows how many years staring at an iPhone with a very blue screen night and day the effect of Truetone is probably quite dramatic, however I feel it does a very good job and recommend you leave it switched on. Give it a week and I bet you don't notice it ever again.