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Apr 12, 2001

MacScoop (formerly MacOSXRumors) reports that Apple's recently released (Product) RED iPod Nano is seeing high demand, with "hundreds of thousands" of orders already placed for the AIDS-fighting product. Overall iPod demand is also said to be high, and the site's sources expect that sales for the holiday quarter will be record-breaking, surpassing even last year's 1Q sales of 14 million iPods.

High demand of the (Product) RED iPod Nano may increase the chances of bringing more (Product) RED products from Apple, perhaps starting with the MacBook, according to MacScoop. This information roughly corroborates an earlier page 2 rumor from ThinkSecret, which had also listed the iMac as a potential (Product) RED candidate.


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May 24, 2005
A red anodised aluminium notebook to match the nano? Hell yes :cool:

A red plastic MacBook? Would probably look pretty tacky.


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Apr 29, 2005
Kenora, ON Canada
If they manage to surpass the sales of the iPod during the last Christmas quarter, I'll be amazed. Considering their product offering is relatively the same as last year.


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Feb 12, 2006
I think it would be cool to see black and red iMacs. Why isn't the iMac black yet? Does anyone realize how fast I jump on getting one of those? I think it'd be awesome. And then if you add red in there with the Macbook and iMac, people would probably really like that. And it all goes to a good cause. My friend wants to buy a project red, but needs an 8GB.


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Dec 16, 2004
Sweet, I guess the black MacBook also has shown that colored MacBooks can sell well. I'd like a red one for sure!


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Feb 12, 2006
If they manage to surpass last years sales for the iPods as the last Christmas quarter, I'll be amazed. Considering their product offering is relatively the same as last year.
Wow, you really think they're relatively the same? I would say the shuffle is pretty damn different. The nano is pretty damn different, and sure the video iPod isn't very different but for people who have been waiting until Christmas it is still there as an option. Also there is the fact that they're all more affordable, now.


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Jul 15, 2001
I think it's worth noting that if you look at other products which fall under the (RED) umbrella, they're not all as literal as just being red in dominant color. GAP, Converse, and Armani in particular have a lot of products which feature a simple red accent. There could be an edition of the MacBook with a red glowing Apple, or an iMac with it's sides red, or some such varient, rather than having a laptop looking like that Ferrari one.

The iPod is obvious to go all red, and a red-metal Mac mini could follow, but I'd be surprised to see them take a whole laptop or iMac that color, but perhaps some of it.


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Feb 2, 2005
I think I'll stick with my Brown Zune.

ah, yes, the turd that dropped out of Redmond. :D

its not a bad device overall, but not an exponentially better device and isn't even quite as good as the 5.5G iPod. I fully expect Apple's 6G device to drop kick the Zune and make it (Zune) a laugable consumer device this Christmas season.

back on topic, the rec macbook would be terrific, help a good cause and look great. love to see a red macbook pro.

of course you can always get one in ANY color if you pay the price. There are at least 2 places that sell nicely colored apples.


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Oct 10, 2006
Portland, OR
I went to the Tampa Apple store yesterday to pick up a nano. I wasn't really sure which one I wanted, but the $199/4GB seemed like the sweet spot. The red one looked great, and as long as I'm buying that type of iPod, why not contribute a little to the RED campaign and raise awareness? I came home with a red nano and I love it.

The store displayed a large ad for it at the entrance and it got the prime display space. They seemed to be well stocked with them, and I saw several people picking them up in the few minutes I spent at the store.


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Jan 6, 2005
Great news, but it's getting a little bit scary. Soooooo many iPods!


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Jan 6, 2004
I think I'll just keep my aluminum silvery PB and donate more than $10 to help fight AIDS. Well, after they cure diabetes that is. They get my money first. I should petition Apple to make a yellow laptop that looks like a splenda packet.
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