References to Next-Generation MacBook Pro Models Discovered in macOS 10.12.4 Beta

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    Not necessarily. Chip designing and fabbing is a complicated and resource intensive business (especially at this stage of Moore's law) that would be an unnecessarily heavy drain even on a company like Apple.

    The foundry part of it at least, is best left to the Intels, Samsungs and TSMCs of the world.
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    in a ziplock bag inside a car's trunk
    The comments in this thread are gold, jerry, gold!
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    So....still horrifically overpriced then ? And doubtless still more expensive than buying the superior 2015 model ?

    However, if the rumour of 32GB is ture I may be tempted when that model comes long as I don't have to sell a kidney/eye/liver lobe to afford one...
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    Meanwhile @Apple they silently removed the moniker "Late" to the 2016 MBP...

    They should have also removed the "Pro" and then use: "Thin", "Thinner" and "Even Thinner" to separate them...
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    Not to mention that chip fabrication is a very capital intensive endeavour which relies on huge volume to offset the high fixed costs. Apple doesn't ship anywhere close enough computers to make this worthwhile, even with its huge margins.
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    Really well actually and how slow are we talking? Pretty sure in every performance test I've seen in my field, the Mac obliterates windows. But then again, those who buy windows products aren't usually very bright, so there's no point even trying.
  7. michaelsviews, Feb 8, 2017
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    Not seeing the need to go and spend the money just because of Kaby Lake? Where's the rumored 32GB model or option? Did they change the POS keyboard in the new models.

    Refurbished area looks better and better everyday. 12" Macbook area seems to never change in the refurbished area. IMHO 12" Macbook is a flop.

    I for one will say that I don't always post the best comment but Macrumors is turning into something I don't think it was originally intended to be. Why is it you can give a thumbs up but not a thumbs down? Take away the ignore feature.
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    I have 2013 nMP, it is an overpriced badly engineered piece of crap, which is currently at repair shop for an extremely overpriced GPU replacement ($800+ for 4-years old GPU? Ka-ching!).

    Will build a Hack once it's back and sold, because Apple hardware on desktops is a joke now. Also it will be like 5 times cheaper than comparable Mac "Pro" (while still running circles around it), with the same consumer-grade reliability (reliability once was a selling point for Mac Pros, sadly these days are over).
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    Amen to that. Pro line is dead.
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    If you're not comparing similarily-priced hardware, then yes, of course.
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    True. I also remember when Apple actively derided PCs with integrated graphics. I find it interesting that we are back to all dGPUs now. Of course it is different now too--it is a hybrid graphics system, but I remember the outcry, including mine, when iGPUs were introduced as "good enough" on Macs after Apple's vitriolic campaign against such solutions.

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    So what? Just enjoy it!

    Are you always anxiously waiting for the next generation after buying something?

    Kaby Lake won't bring much change (graphics-wise even none at all) to the 13" model. And we surely won't see those before WWDC.

    I'm happy with my 13" Touch Bar model. Only reason I'm looking forward to the Kaby Lake revision is for all the 32 GB whiners to stop bitching...
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    These dont sound like a sub-1000$ device to me.. Apple desperately needs decent entry level machines.
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    Yeah but surely a few more point releases between now and mid to late 2017 when they could add the new models.

    I'm with you and hoping for a quicker refresh and price correction.
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    What I meant to say was that he personally doesn't NEED a Mac Pro Enough to justify the expense; plus I think he just wanted to have a "tower" Mac with a modern architecture to play around with.

    Plus, he had a decent job (now recently retired); but he certainly isn't rolling in it.
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    Apple wants to drive lots of high resolution displays. IGPUs aren't sufficient. That's also why they chose AMD GPUs for the new MBPs; because they could drive up to six (IIRC) displays, whereas the NVidia chips could only drive four.<br><br>
    So, ya know, tines change. For a short window of time, iGPUs seemed to make sense. But not at this point.
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    I'm sorry
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    They are effectively the same. Kaby Lake is only marginally better.
  15. dampfnudel, Feb 8, 2017
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    If Apple uses the "shaped" battery that was originally designed for the new MBP for the Kaby Lake refresh models, battery life will be significantly improved. It would be great if Apple released these models as quickly as possible. I'm sure Tim and his team want the "fixed" MBP out this spring/early summer and based on the reference, it's already being tested with production to follow this spring. For those who waited a little bit longer to replace your aging MBP/MBA, it looks like your replacement is inbound.
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    Rev. 2 will be what they wanted to release last year. In hindsight, it would've been better to release it this spring, but those holiday sales were just too tempting. Now that form-fitting/shaped battery will be included which will make a world of difference in battery life in addition to a more efficient chip with native 4K support. No "macgyvered" battery in the Kaby Lake refresh or need to remove the battery meter as a "solution".
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    Jun 12, 2015
    Exactly; modern architecture. Because Apple offers none of that.
  17. MrUNIMOG macrumors regular


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    By modern architecture, he probably meant anything x86.
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    I believe the main point of KL is native TB3 support.
    Apple used a custom TB3 chip, wired all PCIe lanes to it and was too lazy to provide USB host controllers, Ethernet chip and so forth.
    Therefore relying on third-party vendors to supply compatible adapters.
    This is exactly what upsets me. I will not buy any of these models, not because of ports, keyboard, trackpad or battery.
    I refuse to buy, because Apple was too lazy to integrate chips with proper drivers to support my basic needs.
    If HDMI adapters flicker, USB Adapters eject your drives or other incompatible BS, I simply cannot justify spending money.

    Other vendors that offer KL versions have one TB3 port if you need it and support all the ports with accompanied drivers.
    Wether you hate windows or not, Apple was simply arrogant.
    That is why a KL version of a MacBook Pro needs to be different - or in Apple speak - a step backwards.
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    Jun 12, 2015
    For that to happen, Apple has to start respecting it's consumers first.
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    You're just going to twist anything I say, aren't you?

    I meant "Modern Architecture", as in "Intel-based" Macs.
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    I, for one, is glad to drive modern internal combustion-powered car. Them horse carts are so out of date!
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    Can somebody tell me where the benefit of the new processor lies?
    Unless they are planning on increasing the RAM you can get, they seem very similar -
    not much difference in speed (and for most people, certainly not noticeable), not much different in power requirements
    Am I confused or missing something?
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    He's probably Tim Cook.
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    Of course, it would take a decade to be anywhere near Intel for general compute performance...
    But sure, you could get updates every year.
    Or, maybe, they'd run into the same types of issues Intel runs up against.

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