All Devices Reminders app compatibility: Public Beta and Watch OS5


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Jul 11, 2015
When I started up Reminders in the public beta, I noticed that the watch wasn't listed in my devices as incompatible with the new format. I'd like to upgrade to the new system, but I am afraid the watch being left off the list was a mistake on Apple's part. Can anyone confirm that Reminders still works on WatchOS 5 after upgrading to the new format?


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May 2, 2017
I’ve been trying on my Apple Watch and Xs with iOS 13 public beta and they don’t appear to be syncing at all. When I add an item to reminders on my phone, it doesn’t show the change on watch app and when I add stuff on my watch, it doesn’t show up on my phone. Pretty irritating, because I use reminders app a lot.


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May 16, 2015
You SHOULD NOT upgrade your reminder on iOS 13 without watchOS 6 on your watch and Catalina on your Mac. At this point, you might as well find a way to upgrade to watchOS 6 beta 2 to keep using reminders.
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