Remove camera icon from lock screen 4S 5.1

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aphexacid, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I use a DSLR, and there are advantages, even for the casual photographer. The weight, however, is significant. Some of the high-end point and shoots are great if you want something pocketable. I don't really get the mirrorless cameras though, as they are too big to fit in a pocket, but not as capable as a full-blown Nixon DX DSLR.
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    Hey guys,

    I signed in specifically to answer the questions and concerns floating around here. I am not exactly tech savvy, but some people just want the option to have certain Apple features. That would appease those in favor of something, such as the camera access on the lock screen, as well as those who oppose it. Everyone has their own opinion and use for everything.

    I would really love it if there were options to personalize your device(s) to tailor to one's own, specific needs. Another example would be to require a passcode to completely shut off/down the iPhone/iPad/etc. Yes, we realize that there is no 100% guarantee to stop thefts from occurring. Once your device is gone, the SIM cards/etc. can be forcefully removed, rendering the Find My iPhone app useless. BUT it would not hurt anyone to have this layered security to put our minds at ease (or more so).

    Taking all possible precautions will reduce chances of successful robberies, even by a little. Apple has made it so one's Apple ID/iCloud and password is required BEFORE allowing a restore (which many people had brought up as an issue a while back). So now, your data is safe, and you get additional time to find your device(s).

    I know the camera icon poses as an inconvenience for some - maybe it takes pictures on accident too frequently (we don't know their situation), friends/strangers/students/children, literally ANYONE can pick up an iPhone and endlessly take unauthorized snapshots. It is quite a hassle to erase picture after picture, or even videos. Even with the new iOS 9 bonus of being able to select many pictures by tap and holding down instead of individually tapping each image, it is just an additional and unecessary headache for many. It is particularly inconvenient for teachers to monitor a multitude of children in a classroom setting from getting distracted and playing with the camera (you can do so without inputting the password). Also, by opening the camera from the lock screen, it can drain the battery of the iPhone/iPad/etc. When the device is completely turned off, there's little hope in finding it again until/unless it is connected to the Internet to be traced (and before you question, it is possible to prevent thieves from powering off your device by disabling the sleep/power button in restrictions. Camera access would just defeat the purpose of disabling the sleep/power button, which is to PREVENT THEM FROM SHUTTING YOUR DEVICE OFF OR DRAINING THE BATTERY. We just want our electronics and (private) information to stay safe and secure, without losing it as much as possible!).

    Regardless of the REASON as to why some are unhappy with the update, this is the reality of it. We cannot downgrade our software, and even if we were to NOT update our iPhone/iPad/etc. NOW, it will go our of date in a matter of a few years. What I'm trying to say is that you really DON'T have any option whatsoever: the software gets updated on an almost constant basis due to preventing loopholes and bugs found and exploited by hackers. So eventually, everyone must follow Apple's set format and design. Also, what happens when/if your device breaks, be ones out of date, gets stolen, or lost? Then you MUST buy a new device (buying used ones can only last so long...)!

    That's beside the point though; all we are asking of Apple is to give options or alternatives to as many features as possible. That way, THEY reduce the number of complainers or unsatisfied customers and it make everyone happy all around. I sincerely hope Apple will consider adding more options for its users: it would not only make people happy, but also reduce the possibilities/rates of (successful) thefts. Please allow a passcode to be entered before shutting it down. Please allow there to be the option to have camera access on a locked device. Some people (including me!) want the maximum possible security on/for their phones/platforms: saving the battery life gives you more time to find a lost and/or stolen device.

    Thank you for reading and trying to understand some issues that affect a variety of people!

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