Restore deleted iMessage conversation


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Mar 14, 2017

I accidentally deleted an important iMessage conversation.
I have an iTunes backup containing the conversation, but I do not want to restore that backup.

Is there a way to recover a specific iMessage conversation and put it back on my phone ?
If yes, is there a free way to do that ? I'm not afraid of Terminal or advanced stuff.

Searched the web, but there are a lot of expensive software that ask to remove the gatekeeper security, which I'd rather not do :).

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Jun 16, 2019
I think first you should using your iPhone, then open your computer and install Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery.
Last time when I deleted an important iMessage, Bitwar helped me.
To my surprise, it allowed me to preview the files so that I could choose the one I want to restore. Then I got my iMessage back
Maybe you can have a try. Hope it will also help you!
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Analog Kid

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Mar 4, 2003
If you receive messages on your Mac, there's usually a transcript kept in your library.


And then folders by date and conversation.

You might be able to find it in there. I don't know what happens when you delete a message, and whether it updates the stored transcript. If it does, you might look at Time Machine backups


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May 8, 2018
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