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Apr 12, 2001

A growing number of users have turned to the Apple Support Communities, MacRumors discussion forums and Facebook in recent weeks to voice their complaints about the anti-reflective coating on Retina MacBook Pros becoming scratched or wearing off. The long-standing display issue appears to affect several MacBook Pros, including mid-2012 to mid-2014 models sold between June 2012 and present.


The anti-reflective coating appears to be wearing off under a variety of circumstances, including the pressure of the keys and trackpad on the display when closed, and the use of third-party cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths. While the issue is typically isolated to small areas of the screen, some users have shared pictures showing the anti-reflective coating wearing off across virtually the entire display.
"I had the exact same problem, and I followed the cleaning instructions on the Apple website: a lint free cloth and a small amount of water," writes MacRumors forum member wj2. "Was trying to remove a mark in the corner of my screen and a shiny scratch appeared on the bezel. It grew in size and it looked like the coating on the bezel was coming off like everyone is saying. Started happening at the top of my display by the camera also. I looked it up and stumbled across this same forum and realized that it was a problem that I should take up with Apple."
Affected users have received mixed responses from Apple. While some Retina MacBook Pro owners covered under a one-year limited warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan have been able to get their notebook repaired through the Genius Bar for no charge, others have been told that cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty and offered to have their notebooks repaired for a service charge costing hundreds of dollars.


While the anti-reflective coating issues are not new, with complaints dating back to at least August 2013, the problem has been gaining momentum in recent weeks. The issue has received over 100,000 views and 600 responses between the Apple Support Communities and MacRumors discussion forums, and dozens of users have submitted pictures of their damaged Retina MacBook Pros throughout March in a Facebook group set up to discuss the problem.

Update Mar 17: An unofficial website called "Staingate" has launched where affected users can join a database and submit photos of the display coating wearing off on their MacBook Pro.

Article Link: Retina MacBook Pro Users Complain of Anti-Reflective Display Coating Wearing Off
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Jul 15, 2006
My 1st gen MacBook Pro with Retina display is almost 3 years old and the screen is still gorgeous. Sorry to see people are experiencing anything otherwise.


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Dec 6, 2006
Outrageous that Apple would charge repairs for what is clearly a defect.


Mar 26, 2008
that happened to me last fall and the apple store replaced my screen even though my warranty expired 20 months ago. they told me to "put something between the display and the keyboard on a closed lid" for the future"

i was gonna ask how that is a solution but i didnt wanna push my luck getting it replaced for free


looks like someone took keys to it

its the trackpad and keyboard scratching the coating of when the lid is closed
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Feb 27, 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands
it is NOT a cosmetic damage

It's not a scratch on the body, on the keyboard, on the trackpad or something else. It is on the SCREEN! Thıs is where you look all the time and do your work all the time.

If there is a problem on the coating process of the glass, they should replace the glass or the whole screen free of charge, end of discussion.


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Mar 19, 2008
Had mine replaced last week

Fortunately I had apple care and they replaced the screen for me two weeks ago. The Genius employee told me that they wouldn't be able to replace it again as it was probably the cleaner that caused the problem. I have only used iKlear (purchased in the apple store which is no longer sold there) and water with a lint free cloth. Glad to see that I was not the only one with the problem.

The coating was wearing at the top next to the camera and spotty around the center and bottom of the screen.


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Jul 27, 2012
WNY or Utica
Yeah it's funny because I've been using a MF cloth and water for a while now to clean my 2014 rMBP and there does appear to be leftover streaks and stains on the screen, but not necessarily that bad.


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Mar 1, 2010
I had this because I used a screen cleaner... it was only a small amount but pretty annoying... so I used some elbow grease and basically removed the whole film instead... probably more glare but at least now has no marks!


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Jun 6, 2011
Atlanta GA
Terrible, looks like someone threw up on the screen, even though the quality of apple products has started to go down a little, hopefully apple will fix this..:(:confused:


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Jan 31, 2008
I have this problem too... 2012 first Retina Mac Book Pro.

When the lid is closed it is too close to the keys on the keyboard. And after about 6 months I had a NICE rectangle of the coating completely GONE from the display... It looks horrible.

I then also cleaned the display with a moist (Damp) cloth which had a little bit of cleaning product (For glasses, Plates etc) on it... Without such, it is impossible to get grease stains off the display. That tore off the coating sporadically..

The retina macbook pro is fantastic computer - unfortunately with a display that is impossible to clean without damaging...


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Oct 23, 2010
This is awful. Whats more awful is apple is profiting off of repairing defective goods.


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Aug 23, 2010

It's not a scratch on the body, on the keyboard, on the trackpad or something else. It is on the SCREEN! Thıs is where you look all the time and do your work all the time.

If there is a problem on the coating process of the glass, they should replace the glass or the whole screen free of charge, end of discussion.

If Apple calls it "Anti-Reflective" coating then it has a clearly defined function and purpose. It is no longer properly performing its function and should absolutely be covered under warranty.


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Feb 22, 2013
Two days since I went retina with the 2015 macbook pro. Everyone plz pray for my new baby :mad:


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May 3, 2009
Its an awful situation that apple has yet to address. Luckily my rMBP is not showing any symptoms, even as its close to turning 3 years old.


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Jan 23, 2013
Had this on my mid 2012 rMBP after replacing an LG panel with ghosting problems with a 2013 Samsung one, no i don't have ghosting in the panel, but ON it :) I don't have applecare but i still hope they are gonna fix it!

PS I have only used plain water and apple microfibre for cleaning (which i have done two or three times and already have the AR coating wearing off)


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Mar 26, 2011
I'm glad my 2011 MBP has the matte finish screen. I don't know why they don't offer that as a display option anymore?
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