riMac m380 late 2015 very sluggish?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Timsi, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Timsi macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2012
    Hello from Germany,

    i bought the iMac base model this week. I am a little bit disappointed with the UI performance,
    scaling a window is very stuttering, scrolling is not very smooth and the animation from fullscreen
    to desktop is very awful.

    I experienced this on my late 2014 MacBook Pro too, maybe not so bad but its there.

    My wife has a MacBook Air with the I5 1.6GHz from 2015 here, the hole ui is so much quicker that
    my eyes get wet.

    Anybody noticed the same? Is the m380 to slow for the UI?

    Thank you
  2. mossy macrumors regular


    Sep 11, 2013
    I have not noticed any of the problems you mentioned above (running El Capitan). What version of OSX are you running?
    The only bit of advice I could give is to run the disk utility and see if it helps and if not download and install the version of OSX you are running from the App store and install it. Nothing will be erased or anything like that - and any pieces of the OSX file system that are missing/misplaced/overwritten (if any) will be put in their rightful place again. As always make a backup before you do anything drastic.

    Best of luck.
  3. Sirmausalot macrumors 6502a


    Sep 1, 2007
    If you did not get at least a 2TB fusion drive, return it and get a proper congiguration
  4. MistrSynistr macrumors 65816

    May 15, 2014
    I suspect he has the spinner hard drive as he said base model. Not having an SSD is your problem.

    Return it if I'm the window and go to the fusion or SSD model.
  5. cynics macrumors G4

    Jan 8, 2012
    I think that is skipping a few steps. El Caps UI is smooth as glass using an HDD, once loaded the UI requires virtually no disk activity. An SSD will help performance overall but its a bandaid to a bigger issue in this case.


    OP: Open activity monitor and try to find something that is being a resource hog. Since this happens on both your computers but not to your wife than I'd suspect it something in particular you have running or a process that is stuck/incomplete.
  6. varian55zx macrumors 6502a


    May 10, 2012
    San Francisco
    None of this makes sense.

    The MBPs have always been much higher spec'd than the airs, with both having SSD's.

    The 5K iMac has better performance too, but if you went for the option with the spinner that might be a factor.

    Even still, I don't think it would make everything sluggish like you described.

    Did you load up the spinner past 90%? That could be your problem right there.

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