Rumors Persist About Apple Placing Touch ID on Back of iPhone 8


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Aug 14, 2014
Well, you are entitled to your opinion and I hope you are right. I just believe innovation, not stagnation is the way to the future....but maybe you're right. Maybe stagnation and status quo is what people want. If you want to get the feel for what Apple used to feel like start following Tesla. Apple has flatlined under Cook.
I disagree, Apple isn't innovating in the way that we want them to. We want that wow factor and that is what they're not delivering.

Tesla is able to deliver the wow factor because the products and things they are improving on are many decades old. Cars have been the same forever, train/ tunnel travel, space shuttles etc. Yes his innovations are a marvel no doubt, but these improvements being made to technology older than most of us.

We are getting new phones and computers almost every year, there just isn't any room to deliver that wow factor in the products Apple make anymore.


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Nov 23, 2014
It's the Internet. I'm indifferent to any feelings or egos during a discussion regarding technology. For the sake of your comment about refuting, that would be considered part of discussion. Disagreements are also part of discussion. But I can appreciate a solid discussion.

That said, I understand Apple has made changes over the years that not everybody agrees with, as I recently stated, but that doesn't change the fact that technology changes more than a company sometimes does. Sometimes a company has to take a stand and do things that we don't always appreciate or what is convenient for us in a mobile and digital world. And Apple is that company that is not afraid to make the changes necessary and I admire that about them.

Just for the record, we all know Apple faces more scrutiny then any other electronic manufacture, because of their legacy with Steve Jobs and the strong following they have because of the product line that they make so well. That said, Motorola was actually the first to delete the 3.5 mm Jack and they barely faced any noticeable backlash at all. Why? Because Motorola doesn't carry The reputation that Apple does, and everybody holds Apple to a higher standard.

I can understand those who are upset with investments of wired headphones when Apple deleted the 3.5 mm Jack, and considering how the iPhone is one of the most widely used cell phones on the market today. But, I'm not following your argument about a wobbly camera bump on the back of an iPhone lying on a table. That's just seems frivolous to even make an argument about that, that's more of a hardware feature than it is a technological advancement.

But what I really appreciate about Apple, they're not the first to release technology on the market. Other manufacturers are steps ahead of them in some respects. But when Apple does release their features that measure up to the competitors, they always put a unique spin and make the future better then the other manufactures do. It's not always about being the first to release something, as it is to have something that works efficiently and has quality behind it. And that's what Apple does so well.

And your definition or interpretation of mediocrity with Apple is different than mine. But then again, it goes back to the reason I made the point that you seem very disgruntled about the 3.5 mm Jack being deleted, and you're using that as leverage against Apple. When in reality, watch the other cell phone manufactures follow suit. It's just a matter of time when those changes come and Apple made the stand early on.

In the end, Apple knows what they're doing, even if you don't want to believe they do. And for the sake of mediocrity, Apple has the largest R&D budget they've ever had since Steve Jobs passing. I'm confident they have some great products coming in the future that will benefit some of us, but maybe not all of us who don't view it that way.
Yeah, I'm not personally disgruntled... I'm sure I could live with it (probably would buy a splitter so I could charge and listen to music). I just happen to agree with the people that are disgruntled with the camera bump and missing jack.

The other manuf. will probably follow suit, sure, but I just really don't get the impression that Apple is doing anything bold, ambitious, or novel. They made a compromise with the lack of 3.5 jack so they could put more stuff in there (e.g. haptic), and I'm of the opinion that Apple would absolutely put the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone if the tech isn't ready, because they want the infinity screen.

Sacrifices and compromises = Apple.

Thanks for your thoughts though :) I can't think of anything to refute your position, other than to simply say, "I disagree." haha, have a good night.


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Jun 29, 2012
Colorado Springs USA for now
I would not trust any facial software these days. Folks are by passing that form by putting a picture of the persons face in front of the phone to unlock it.

Also many people out there wear detailed makeup, like doing contouring and end up looking like a big nose hag to Michael Jackson nose. Kim Kardashian does not look the same without her makeup. How will facial recognition work when they remove that mask of makeup?
the same way it does when one is wearing makeup... it looks at the relationship between eyes/nose/mouth/ext.... no amount of makeup can change that.


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Jun 20, 2012
Seems like the issue is due to low manufacturing yield. They're not just going to toss out this design, so I'm guessing if they're still having issues that they're still going to announce the iPhone, but there will be a longer delay than previous years. Only time will tell.
Yeah, like Samsung they have made it work, but are struggling to produce a decent amount of working screens to push ahead with that design for production. That was going back a few weeks, we haven't really heard much more on it recently, so they may or may not have had a win with it.

I don't see either company ditching the design, they just need to work on the process so there are higher numbers of good screens produced to make the phones.

I do hope they can get it sorted, I'd much rather have the sensor where the virtual home button is. It's not that much of a pain on the back of the S8, but I'm used to it being on the front so would be happy to see it back there. It'll happen, just a matter of when.


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Sep 9, 2012
I wonder, if you prefer matte/anti-glare screen covers would this reduce the accuracy of an on-screen TouchID?

I'd rather have it on the back than give up the ability to use the phone comfortably outdoors.


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Jun 20, 2003
Brisbane, Australia
I've had to use part-time a few Android ones with a fingerprint reader on the back. It's probably one of the worst design choices I've ever seen. It doesn't work with any case, it can't be used with the phone on a car mount, you can't just leave the phone on the desk at work and use it without picking it up
This. So much this. Even thinking about it for half a second reveals that this is pretty much the worst decision possible.

Which is fine, because it is not happening.


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Feb 14, 2013
There's no pipeline, Cook is lost. There were numerous rumors about different designs being tested till now. That's too late already and production will be delayed. We had 3 iPhone 6 designs in a row, and will get a 4th one this year alongside iPhone 8. Hardly a pipeline. Same with Macs, not updated in years(!). Mac Pro just was started being redesigned few weeks ago after 4 years of silence. Not a pipeline at all.

While other companies stamp new products (new, not just internally upgraded!) every year. Amazon released 3 Echo products and soon will get out a 4th one with a touch screen and camera. While Apple is still working on the simple audio-only assistant.
Microsoft released Surface Book, Surface Studio, both highly innovative and a more classic notebook recently. We got a Macbook with a touchbar. Doesn't looke like a pipeline at all. Something chaotic and not well thought out.
Take the rumours with a grain of salt. Apple does have plenty of stuff in the pipeline. You treat Apple as a one-person company (Tim Cook); in reality there are thousands of people working every day, for years, on each upcoming iPhone. The Mac has been a lower priority for a while, but even there we've had the new MBP, and there's apparently a significant iMac refresh including some kind of VR-capable iMac pro in the works (was also mentioned in the Mac Pro announcement, for later this year/early next). They've also had their plans hit by Intel's production problems and their reliance on specific mobile chipsets.

I don't necessarily want Apple to be the company that spits out 100 random variations of its products in a crapshoot to try and find a market niche. Amazon can keep the Echo and its ridiculous cousins such as the "Echo Look". Apple is the company that knows when to say "no", and that's what I've always respected about them.

Apple is not still struggling to make an audio-only assistant. Siri is on iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS - on the latter, its a vital part of getting things done on that device. It needs to get better, nobody disagrees, and Apple have been investing more and more in AI (including the autonomous driving project, regardless of which products it directly does or doesn't produce).


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Jan 10, 2014
I don't see why they would go to such length to embedd Touch ID behind the screen. I've used LG G3 , and the "Below camera" center position for volume and unlock buttons was the most natural and easily accepted place. Volume buttons are not on the side, there's no way to accidently press them , and so Apple could embed Touch ID/ Sleep-wake button in recessed Apple logo on the back. It would also be cool, too.


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Feb 18, 2017
The Touch ID on the back of the device is not very practical. You just have to see with the Samsung S8. It seems to me that a smartphone brand has managed to incorporate the fingerprint sensor under the screen not? So I see no reason why apple would not do the same thing!

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Nov 9, 2009
Frankly, all these blogs reporting every day some rumor about the iPhone 8 is becoming so pointless, how many times can you report the same thing back and forward? Is not obvious that these people spitting rumor after rumor have no clue about what will actually be released?

Aren't there any more productive things to post about? I love MacRumors because you don't oversaturate with dozens of daily posts. But even MacRumors is becoming an annoyance regarding this Touch ID circus.

Apple's rumored "iPhone 8" with an OLED display and wireless charging will continue to have Touch ID, but there is a "high chance" it will be on the back of the smartphone, says Hong Kong-based equity research firm CLSA.

Article Link: Rumors Persist About Apple Placing Touch ID on Back of iPhone 8


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Sep 16, 2012
That mockup's screen shape makes no sense. Having such a U shaped top will only increase production costs and Graphics handling complexity just for a few mm of real-state. I highly doubt Apple would go fo
They could use it for the wireless carrier , bluetooth, wifi, and reception info symbols only, and for the " back to previoud app" text.
It would free up usuable screenarea and when not used, just be black, so you can' t see it. It enhances the all-screen look. I guess the part left and right of the camera area will always have a black background color, so it just looks like a bezel displaying info.