Running with AirPods in the Rain

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Johnny Gilligan, Mar 3, 2017.

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    Over the past week I've read through pages and pages of comments and posts on Airpods. I haven't seen a thread specifically for runners or those involved in lots of exercise and physical activity.

    I received my AirPods one week ago today, and I really like them. They fit great, and it's really easy to forget you have them in your ears. I've taken these on a few long walks and also to the gym for some time on the elliptical. I've not had one fall out yet... not yet.

    I've been using Jaybird BlueBuds X's for the past year, but they've become frustrating as the rubber tips and hooks may be getting wore down and tend to fall off a lot. The connecting cable often sticks to my skin and pulls the buds out of my ears as well.

    The opening in my right ear must be slightly larger than the left as it often feels like the right AirPod is just barely hanging on and ready to fall out at any moment. I've gently shaken my head back and forth to see if the pod will fall out, but it still sits there. I'm not really too confident that these will stay in my ears if I were to wear them on a long run and would rather err on the side of caution. I like to keep my focus on my breathing, pace, and surroundings rather than constantly thinking about these falling out.

    I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issues and if so, have you tried any of the covers, skins, or hooks that are available?

    I'm sure AirPods will be great to wear on my runs once I get just a bit of security in adding a cover or skin of some sort. Thanks in advance for any insight, advice or suggestions
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    AirPods aren't inner-ear buds, so they're always going to feel like they might fall out. Any silicon tips\covers you put on will render the charging case useless without taking them off. Not sure why people are so worried about them falling out. If I'm wearing two headphones jogging, and one falls out, I notice instantly because a) the music would stop in both ears, or b) cause I can feel it's not in my ear anymore. This would all happen within a second or two, so at most, I'd have covered a straight line of 5-10 feet during that time, a very very easy area to find and pick up an earbud IF it happened to have fallen out.

    When I buy a car, I don't worry about how much a bumper will cost if I hit a raccoon. When I buy a set of pots and pans, I don't worry about losing a screw and the handle grip falling off. These are things that are part of life, and out of the "what can I control?" realm. Just live life and enjoy your AirPods. In the unlikely event you're jogging and one falls out, bend down, pick it up, brush it off, and put it back into your ear.
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    Remember that the AirPods are neither sweat nor water resistant. Using them when you exercise, particularly in rain, may shorten their lifespan.
  4. Appleaker macrumors 68020

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    No, they are not officially stated as sweat or water resistant. Given that they survive these tests ( and have water resistant qualities (as shown by teardown), I would say it's quite safe to excercise with them and run with them in the rain. But you're right, there's no guarantee.
  5. chrfr macrumors 604

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    The difference between those video tests and sweat are significant: sweat is very salty.

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