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  1. jagooch

    How can you check the airpod case’s battery level while listening to music?

    How can you check the airpod case’s battery level while listening to music? Often, I’ll be listening to music or a podcast and want to check my case battery to see if I need to charge it before I leave home. The battery widget only shows my airpods and apple watch battery status, but not the...
  2. S

    Do you guys leave spatialize stereo on when listening to music?

    Poll above
  3. I

    A miracle has just happened…

    So this morning I put all my washing in the washing machine, including last night’s pants that had my Airpods pro ear buds in them. I noticed they were in there towards the end of the cycle, so when the washing was finished I found them and got them out before I put everything else in the dryer...
  4. Bill Gatin

    I have a problem using my AirPods at work

    I think they might be automatically trying to connect to my coworker's AirPods, but I don't see how this would even be a problem because her AirPods would not be registered as being owned by me. There is bad service in the building where I work so I can understand how Spotify would be an issue...
  5. Metzgermeister

    Allergic for Airpods Pro

    Probably not the first one to start about this. But recently I don't see threads covering this issue. Last year (August) I got myself a nice pair of Airpods Pro which I really enjoyed without any problems until December. I just them for during holidays quit a lot and I started noticing severe...
  6. R

    Airpods Max 2

    Hi, I am thinking to buy Airpods Max. But since we are near to September now, should i hold on to the purchase? Is there a update coming to Airpods Max like Airpods Max 2?
  7. JippaLippa

    Very low quality playback on macOS (good on iOS)

    Hello. I recently got a pair of Airpods Pro as a gift and while I use different and better sounding equipment when I'm listening to music, they're very convenient to be used in other instances. The Airpods Pro work perfectly on iOS, but unfortunately they sound horrible when used on macOS...
  8. bmac89

    Apple Music Dolby Atmos requirements?

    Hello, My understanding is that my Apple devices (iPad Pro 9.7”) are too old for Dolby Atmos but reading the Apple Music blurb it implies that it will work on any Apple Device (with latest version of music app) when using AirPods / AirPods Pro - is that correct? Perhaps it is spatial audio only...
  9. JacksonCraig94

    AirPods volume scaring me to death!

    Anyone else being scared to death when you click your volume button and it jumps to 100% real quick 😅 Anyway of fixing this bug?
  10. O

    Which non Apple earbuds switching between Apple devices

    How do you easily switch between Apple devices with non Apple earbuds? I currently own an iPhone, iPad, and Macbook and I until shortly I used Airpods Pro to switch quickly from device to device (take a call on my iPhone, listen to music on my Macbook, attend to a Zoom meeting on my iPad etc...
  11. D

    any1 suffers from acute/pain in the ear?

    I've been using the airpods for my run and had seen a specialist because one day, i just had an acute pain in my right ear and wasn't able to hear at all. asked ear specialist what was wrong and he sad nothing was wrong and probably an infection and sent me home. no need for repeat consultation...
  12. jaleks

    Older airpods New Firmware

    I recieved my brothers old airpods I believe they are the first pair made. Is there any firmware that i could get a link to to make these oldies sound good again. Thanks and I think this website is fantastic.
  13. J

    Prefer Airpods 1 & 2 over Pro

    I love the features of the Pro line of products but I don't like the way they fit into my ear. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I constantly have to shove them into my ear cause they are sliding out of my ears. I never had this issue with my old Airpods 1st gen, they stayed in like they...
  14. J

    AirPods starts to charge at 78 in case when empty. How to fix? Reset didn’t work.

    I am trying to calibrate my AirPods to make them read battery more accurate. I drained them overnight and put them in the case but when I do that the battery reports back at 78-80 percent even though it’s been about 10 seconds. When I try to calibrate my gen 2 AirPods they start off at zero...
  15. S

    Why my left AirPod doesn’t connect to my iPhone?

    My left AirPod doesn’t connect to my phone and it always shows charging status (when it’s inside or outside the charging case). Sometimes I can see flashing green light on my charging case and animation on my phone screen doesn’t show AirPod charge level. I tried many times to reset the...
  16. LanerJ

    Airpods Pro steeply discounted, all but confirming new ones soon.

    Many major US retailers are offering AirPods Pro at a steep discount, which is a sign of offloading soon-to-be last gen inventory. If you want a pair, get them now, they're a great deal with the current sale. Amazon, Walmart, and Target all have them around $174, $75 off the normal price. This...
  17. C

    Universal Apple SharePlay Audio and Apple TV

    So I was trying out the new SharePlay feature with a friend and I came across an issue with the audio. Me: Iphone, AirPods Max, Apple TV. Friend: Ipad, AirPods Pro, Apple TV. I facetimed and share played Disney+ to my friend. We then both moved the share play to our Apple TV. The audio...
  18. M


    Is there any difference in sound quality between EarPods with lightning EarPods with 3,5mm and adapter? Does lossless audio in Apple Music work with EarPods? I would use them with 13 mini. I don’t like AirPods as I always forget to charge them… they are dead when needed…
  19. N

    Airpods 3 vs Pro

    I'm contemplating whether to get the new 3 gen AirPods or the Pro model. Looking for something that is comfortable in the ear while sleeping, but yet produce good sound and bass as having a in-ear immersive experience. The noise cancelling doesn't really bother me, providing the sound quality...