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  1. circatee

    Automatic switching

    I have a pair of AirPods Gen 3. They are connected to my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. According to the settings on both devices, I have said AirPods set to automatically connect. So... If I am listening to music on my MacBook, and a phone call comes in, I often answer it on my iPhone. In doing...
  2. I

    New AirPods Pro 2 contain 5 GHz radio

    Everyone was waiting for an explanation as to why only this year's AirPods Pro 2 would support lossless audio with the Vision Pro, and we finally have our answer - only the new AirPods Pro 2's H2 chip runs at 5GHz; prior AirPods Pro 2 models' H2 chips run at 2.4GHz. Ron Huang, Apple VP of...
  3. J

    Airpods pro with Android and Macbook

    Hi everyone I am wondering if it is possible to have Airpods paired with a Samsung phone but also with MacBook? Will it automatically switch when I want to use it with MacBook or will I have to do that manually every time? I hate iphones but love MacBooks and Airpods just don't know how it...
  4. Buadhai

    Siri No Longer Announcing Notifications Through Air Pods

    This on an iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.6. Since I got this phone I've had it set up so that Siri announces Notifications via Air Pods if I'm listening to Music. This has always worked. Until this week. Siri no longer announces any Notifcations. I used to get Notifications from Home...
  5. AlexJ092

    Which AirPods should I try?

    Hi everyone! I am still using my 2nd generation AirPods after many years, but now unfortunately the battery health on them is not the best. My right AirPod usually runs out of battery while the left one still shows as having 30%+ left. I am half tempted to try the AirPods Max but would like to...
  6. I

    Airpod Pro 1 making crackling noise

    My right Airpod pro 1 is making a very noticeable and annoying vibration/crackling noise when I listen to something with high bass. I’ve contacted Apple support and done all the things necessary to see if I can fix it, but now the only option is to go and get them tested and fixed, which I...
  7. C

    Will 2nd Gen AirPods Pro support ‘Siri’?

    With the release of iOS and iPadOS 17 this fall, we will now be able to just say “Siri” to activate everyone’s favorite virtual assistant. I recently downloaded the developer betas on my iPad mini 6 and iPhone 14 Pro, and connected AirPods Pro 2 didn’t support it. You still have to say “Hey...
  8. S

    Pro 2: optimized charging is broken

    I had my AirPod pro 2 case replaced because the case would endlessly drain when optimized charging was on, even though it wasn’t actually charging the AirPods. This isn’t related to a general battery drain issue as the case would stay the same percentage if it wasn’t used. Now my 2nd case is...
  9. R


    Hello, please how can I get my APM to update? Tried everything i could find online. Mine is still stuck in version #4E71 of last year may. Sound is crappy af, Bass, spatial audio and ANC almost non-existent, irregular battery %. Please help. I lost my APM case for a while and thought that could...
  10. M

    AirPods Max: Does sound quality depend on device? Same quality via Apple Watch and iPhone/Mac?

    Does sound quality of the AirPods Max vary by device? Is there any difference between sound quality on listening via Apple Watch vs. iPhone/Mac?
  11. Wowfunhappy

    Airpods with old versions of OS X?

    I recently bought the Airpods Pro (gen 2). They work with my modern iPhone and Apple Watch, and my Nintendo Switch. However, I can't seem to make them consistently work with my desktop or laptop which both run OS X 10.9 Mavericks. I of course don't expect the automagic Apple ID syncing stuff to...
  12. school computer user

    How to make my current APP1's sound better?

    I assume I'll be getting comments asking why I'm using APP1 with an android and I'll be told to buy an iPhone (I can't) but I use APP1's with a budget Samsung phone, It works somehow. The audio quality is great with Dolby Atmos and the Equalizer settings all the way up. I also turned on HD...
  13. Imac Sam

    Airpods (2nd gen) no mic functions

    My Airpods (2nd gen) microphone no longer works, any ideas what the problem is before I order some new ones? Background: 1. Firmware is updated to the latest. 2. Removed/deleted from Icloud account and "re-installed" 3. The microphone's on either side do not work, I have tried this by changing...
  14. S

    Airpods (1st v) and Powerbeats won't connect to Apple TV same time

    I was hoping we could watch Apple TV shows using the version 1 Airpods and my Powerbeats. Airpods connected fine. But then my Powerbeats got a message that I can't get it to connect UNLESS I turn off the Airpods. Is this an Apple TV model-specific thing - or do I need two pairs of current...
  15. BryceXXXX

    An app to help you avoid text necks with AirPods (Free for a limited time)

    Guys I developed an app and named it NoDown, NoDown uses the sensor on your AirPods Pro/ gen 3/ Max to monitor head-downs, Wear your AirPods, when you bow your head, and last for a certain time, the app will remind you by phone vibrating and voice feedback Because of bad habits, the so-called...
  16. A

    Something weird came in the box.

    Hi, Just bought AirPods Pro 2. When I have opened it I saw this thing on the case. I thinking about returning it. What do you think it is? Thanks.
  17. JonathanParker

    AirPods Pro 2 double tap/triple tap, and tap and hold is unresponsive.

    On my AirPods Pro 2, tap and hold gestures does not work (for Siri & cycling Noise Control). Swiping up and down to adjust volume does however work. Double tapping and triple tapping to skip/go back tracks doesn't work. I've tried resetting the AirPods Pro, restarting iPhone, but it does not...
  18. GoztepeEge

    AirPods 2 disconnects when an application is being closed

    Hello folks. I recently noticed some issues with my AirPods 2, which was replaced by Apple almost 3 months ago. I am using an iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 13.3 with jailbreak) and an AirPods 2 (without wireless charging case). When I close the Spotify while the Airpods are connected, I see that the...
  19. sbagg89

    How are Airpods and an Apple Watch the same price?

    Just browsing the holiday gift guide and it struck me that it is kind of crazy that Airpods Pro (2nd Gen) and Apple Watch SE are the same price. I know one is top of the line in its category, and other is bottom of the line in its own ... but the technology/materials/components just seem...
  20. T

    AirPods Pro 2 unusable at airports

    So I've had my AirPods Pro 2 for about 12 days now and had a couple of flights recently. The audio cut outs are awful at Denver airport when in the gate area (especially Terminal B), I'm talking at least 20 seconds of silence or static intermittently during 60 seconds of audio. Its worse if when...