1. ignaciobarrena

    AirPods Pro audio cutting out randomly

    Good evening everyone, I have a problem with the AirPods Pro. Generally, when I use them on the street and totally randomly the sound is lost/cut off for a few seconds, as if it's interference. Sometimes I am able to reproduce the interference if I stick the iPhone to my leg 🤣 . I've tried...
  2. Lion_Mini_Yosemite_rMBP

    Apple Music Apple Music Free for 6 Months Offer with AirPods — Old Purchase

    I purchased my 2nd Gen AirPods just after release (March 2019 to be exact) and after updating to iOS 15, I am now being told that “Your AirPods come with 6 free months of Apple Music. Redeem now.” This seems strange to me since I bought my AirPods 2.5 years so ago, and am just now getting this...
  3. W

    Do you think Airpods Pro 2 will eliminate the need for Apple Watch when it comes to health?

    Hi all I am currently considering buying an AW because of how its marketed as being useful for your health, etc. Then, I remember many articles saying APP 2nd gen will also focus on health. Does this mean I am better off waiting for the APP? Personally I have never been a watch-wearing...
  4. B

    AirPods are connected to iPhone and Mac Simultaneously

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. As I type this my AirPods are connected to my MacBook and iPhone at the same time. Audio played on either device comes out of the AirPods. I haven't tried playing audio on both at the same time yet. Is this expected behaviour? A little background on why this...
  5. M

    AirPods Max fizzle out on Mac

    Does anyone else have an issue with their AirPods Max where they "fizzle out" when connected to a Mac? By fizzle out, they'll be fine then you'll encounter some skipping (almost as if you are getting too far way). It gets worse and worse until they ultimately just stop playing. If I take them...
  6. A

    AirPods Pro keep breaking

    My AirPods Pro keep breaking. When I go to take off the ear tip, it feels stuck to the AirPod, so I have to yank it off (the ear tip stretches and the end is stuck to the AirPod). When it comes off, the black speaker grill (or whatever you call it) is not there & the netting inside the ear tip...
  7. G

    Major AirPods Pro microphone problem with no fix?

    AirPods Pro are faulty when handling their microphones. Not only does it effect call quality, but also dictation, Siri, and voice memos. Siri and dictation never gets what I’m saying correctly 90% of the time. When I go into voice memos, it will always sound very muffled at the beginning and...
  8. O

    AirPods Max First Impressions

    I just got a pair of space grey AirPods max this morning, I am planning on returning them within the allowed period (not because I don't like them) I wanted to buy them to test them out and see if they're worth the money, testing in the apple store isn't as good as taking them home. I paid...
  9. ApplesAreSweet&Sour

    Make AirPods automatic switching a little faster and more reliable on Macs (tutorial)

    Automatic switching to and from Macs We all know how less than reliable the auto-switching feature works even after recent updates to Big Sur. Switching to an iPhone/iPad almost always works without having to toggle any settings. But MacOS requires you to answer the "AirPods nearby -Connect?"...
  10. Ralfi

    So Apple have created a desire for Lossless Audio. Next move?

    Just thinking what their strategy is here, after the major let down felt by many that their AirPods won’t support lossless audio. So now that the public interest in lossless audio is piqued, are Apple planning to release their next-gen AirPods (Pro) with new chips that support a higher quality...
  11. C

    How can I prove that my airpods are original?

    Good day everyone! I'm gonna sell my airpods 1 which I bought in early 2019 but I already lost the box. Is there a way to prove that my airpods are original just from the unit itself? I know people are careful when buying airpods since there are knockoffs that truly look like the originals. The...
  12. valkov9191

    A question about AirPods 2

    Hello, I am facing a huge dilemma. I am a perfectionist and I have always focused on quality, not quantity. In general, I am a musician and my hearing is very developed, which is why I am quite curious about the sound quality. I am currently using Audio Technica headphones (ATH-CK3TW), which...
  13. M

    AirPods Pro settings not saving

    Hey do u guys also experiencing this issue with the AirPods Pro. the settings Are not really saving meaning if u for example configure the setting for keep pressing on the left AirPod to start Siri. After some time this setting is changed back to the default setting to change anc on/off. This...
  14. K

    I will get the Airtags and glue them on to my Airpods

    If it is one thing i keep loosing arround the house it is my Airpods. I constantly keep track of where they are. Unfortunately I can't locate them while they are in their case.
  15. C

    Replacement AirPods Pro Process

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Apple support changing their processes re:replacing AirPods Pros. In the past I had a lot of the crackling issues and a lot of replacements from Apple themselves. That process was pretty much: tell apple of the problems, they place a hold on my...
  16. S

    Airpods Noise Cancellation [Research]

    Hi all! I’m doing a project for my music class and I’m hoping to talk to some people who make use of Airpods noise cancellation technology in their regular listening habits. My project is tuning in (so to speak) on the ways people use technology to manage noise. If anyone would be willing to...
  17. feedthejim

    How to update the Airpods Max + why they haven't updated yet for some of us

    So I went down some rabbit hole after trying to get my AirPods Max to update and noticing that they weren't updating after following all voodoo steps that I saw online. I saw this tweet which says that you could debug the process with the Console app on Mac. After playing around with it, here's...
  18. K

    screen record w/quicktime while using airpods?

    Hey! I am trying to screen record something and also record the computer audio. Sometimes I am doing this really late so I want to use my AirPods to listen. Is there a way to use Soundflower and quicktime so that the screen record also records the computer audio while I use my Airpods for...
  19. Mac03ForLife

    Stop input switching on Big Sur

    Basically, Id like to stop the MacBook from switching my input from the built in mic, my external mic, or whatever mic I select in the system preferences window to the airpods mic when I connect them to the macbook (as it makes sound output fuzzy and not nice). Is there any way to set a default...
  20. cloud_n1n3

    AirPods can work on an iPad 1

    It is possible to pair AirPods with an iPad Generation 1. It even outputs sound, although it cannot automatically turn off, and you cannot change any of the AirPod’s settings (without using a newer device that should support AirPods). Cool. :cool: