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Apr 12, 2001

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in South Korea on Friday, September 6, over five months after its original scheduled launch date and just days ahead of Apple's annual iPhone event.


According to The Verge, the Galaxy Fold will also be available in France, Germany, and Singapore come September 18. Samsung hasn't revealed an exact date for the UK or US, but the handset is expected to arrive in those countries in the coming weeks. Initially at least, the phone will be available in just a single configuration, offering 512GB of storage, 12GB of memory, and 5G support, with a Montblanc luxury case thrown in.

Samsung will be crossing its fingers and its toes in the hope of a fault-free rollout this time around. The folding smartphone was initially meant to be in the hands of customers in April, but it was delayed following multiple reports from reviewers of broken units after just a few days' use. Many reviewers experienced issues while testing the device, including random bulges appearing on the 7.3-inch display and flickering screens. In many cases, the issues were enough to make the $1,980 device completely unusable.

An independent investigation revealed that the folding phone lacked adequate protection against the ingress of debris between the OLED screen and the chassis bezel. Samsung recalled all Fold devices that were distributed to reviewers and said it was postponing the launch of the hybrid handset while it completed a redesign to resolve the display failures. The South Korean firm said in July that the phone would relaunch in September, but didn't specify a date.

Samsung is already working on its next bendable smartphone, according to a Bloomberg report earlier this week. Projected to launch early next year, it's said to be a flip phone-style 6.7-inch device that can be folded down into a compact-sized square.

Apple's iPhone event takes place on September 10, when the company is expected to launch three new iPhones with more advanced cameras. The line-up includes two OLED models in 5.8 and 6.5 inches and one LCD model that's 6.1 inches. Apple is said to be exploring folding screen technology, but nothing suggests it plans to release a foldable smartphone in the near future.

Article Link: Samsung Reveals New Launch Dates for Delayed Galaxy Fold


Oct 5, 2017
According to The Verge's sources, the Galaxy Fold will be available in France, Germany, and Singapore come September 18.
That's the point he is making Sept 18 is 1 date.

I understand it is to be interpreted as single date but for different Countries so it's multiple... but I also understand what he ment.


Jun 18, 2014
Huawei's take on this is still better. This feels like two separate phones in one component, while Huawei uses only one display to create a smaller and bigger "phone" variants (which is the closest representation of the idea for foldable phone imo).

Plus no corner notch.


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Apr 23, 2015
Could someone please resurrect Steve Jobs.

Tech world has completely gone dumb & numb since his departure.

World, technology, society moves on. Disney took its sweet time to mourn his founder but it's now a juggernaut nobody would have predicted in the '60s.
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Sep 27, 2013
Meanwhile Apple is about to announce the re-release of the iPhone XS with a 20% price bump to cover the 15% China tariff

The new price point makes the iPhone even more "premium"

Checkmate China
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Jun 30, 2010
New York
just like movies , if it’s released in many places BEFORE the US it’s because there are issues with the product or there is very little hope for it


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Jul 22, 2002
The fail of the first folding Samsung phone is the exact reason Apple doesn't rush to introduce big changes like this. I'm sure they are hard at work developing something similar and it will be released when Apple thinks the product and market are ready.

Meanwhile bring on the next iPhone! I'll only be watching as I still have a year left on my contract for the iPhone 8.
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