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Jun 11, 2017
Is anyone else having issues asking Siri to play songs? It doesn't seem to matter where I am, driving in my car, on wifi, out for a run, etc. but if I ask Siri to play a song, half the time she tells me, "Hmmmm, if you're not on wifi, make sure you have cellular data enabled" or something to that extent. Then, sometimes she still plays the song I requested, or else the song shows up but doesn't start playing, or else a few minutes later it starts playing. It's extremely annoying. I've also noticed a lot of times she won't recognize a song unless I explicitly say "song" before the song name.


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Sep 12, 2014
Everything you have said has happened to me a few times since iOS 12 and getting the XS Max. Mainly notice when using CarPlay but it has happened at least 3 or 4 times and never happened before.


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Jul 23, 2015
Exact same behavior here and it happens with only Music. I first noticed it at the end of the iOS12 beta cycle so I reseted the phone and set up as new. Music requests became instant until a few days ago where again it takes ages to play something or I get the no wi-fi message. On the other hand Music requests with Siri via my Watch play instantly on the phone. Go figure. :)


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Jul 11, 2011
Aberdeen, Scotland
Yeah same here, Siri is taking ages to find music. I find its slightly better on iOS 12.1 beta 2, but still painfully slow compared to how it used to be.

I often get the "make sure mobile data is enabled" message too. Its really annoying.


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Jul 30, 2011
This is happening to me; additionally, asking siri to play music over cellular immediately brings up a loop of apple ID authentication prompts (asks for password, immediately asks for password again). Tried changing my password, signing out and back in, etc. I can play music (even music not downloaded to my phone) just fine, but asking siri to play anything screws it up.
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