Sizzling noise coming from neck

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mrwizardno2, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Your patience when responding to this thread is exemplary. I don't know how you keep answering on this page.
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    Thanks, I started replying because people seemed genuinely worried that something was amiss with them and this was relatively simple. Now I think this thread is more of a cathartic "I'm really sick and i need to vent about it" place for people to feel they are not crazy, than a real "help me I really want to know what is happening to me" place.
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    I have expireienced this noise for many years as well and recently visited a neurologist for headaches, numbness in my back, and dizziness. I had an MRI done and it turns out I have Chiari Malformation. Well I mentioned the “neck sizzle” to my doctor during this visit and he told me that it’s likely due to the Chiari Malformation making it difficult for spinal fluid to pass through due to brain tissue extending into the spinal canal. Basically the fluid is squirting through a narrow opening. I read through all the posts and it seems some people have other symptoms as well. Some of the symptoms of Chiari Malformation include;

    • Neck pain
    • Unsteady gait (problems with balance)
    • Poor hand coordination (fine motor skills)
    • Numbness and tingling of the hands and feet
    • Dizziness
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • Vision problems (blurred or double vision)
    • Speech problems, such as hoarseness
    Apparently hunger signals are sent to the brain through CSF so maybe that would explain why it happens when we’re hungry. I can’t speak for others situations, but I feel confident this is the answer in my case.
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    Isn't Chiari Malformation also commonly associated with Spinal Bifida and hydrocephalus?
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    Your neurologist lied to you. Most likely, he thought it was a non-consequential lie about a non-relevant symptom in an effort to change the subject to the more pressing/important/urgent issues at hand or to finish the visit. I get that you have an Arnold Chiari malformation, but that does not amount to it being the cause of the sizzling. You can have Arnold Chiari and a nail fungal infection and it does not mean the Chiari is the cause of the infection.

    I'm sincerely sorry about your condition, and hope you get better, but no, "hunger signals" DO NOT travel to the brain via the CSF, that is preposterous.

    I tried to not respond again in this thread, but what you wrote could be interpreted wrongly by some of the people reading this, altough you do well to clarify that it does not apply to every situation.

    Once again, and I promise this is the last time I interject facts in the theory that convinces you, tickles your fancy and gives you peace: the sizzling sound are tiny gas bubbles coming up your oesophagus to your throat, that's why they go away after you drink ANYthing. CSF movement (created at a rate of about 20-25 ml per hour, that is less than an ounce BTW) is really slow, and you can not hear it, not unless you had a CSF fistula to your ear, and then the sound is the least of your problems.

    Really hope you get better soon.
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    This has to be the most frustrating thread ever... I am screaming at people in my head to freaking read your post LOL!!!! its both frustrating and hilarious at the same time.
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    "I am convinced it's a brain creature, but went on the water diet and killed it"
    ^^seek help, quit smoking weed.

    Ok, so I joined for this reason.
    The best way I've heard it described is similar to being under water when a boat passes over you. The audible of that occurrence.

    I'm 43, have had this for decades only when hungry.....because my neck isn't perfect, particularly my atlas, I assumed it was what a couple other posters descibed as "foraminal narrowing", possibly just the body talking to itself, and hunger messages squeezing through the brainstem; spinal fluid bubbles etc.

    However, a similar sound over decades has been occurring between my ears in what might be the back of my throat.
    Pulsating every, what, 15 seconds?
    For about 2.5 second spurts?

    I am satisfied @cdcastillo has answered this several times with the gastrointestinal reverberation for lack of better terminology.

    I do have a hiatal hernia, and "reflux" is beyond common; people think I'm bulimic.
    These other possible answrrs are hysterical, but scary, in that this causes no problem whatsoever in my 30 years (and yes, I also have severe tinnitus as well as migraines and feel they'te not remotely connected).

    As cdcastillo said, drink food, eat water etc.
    I'd also suggest a regular healthy diet and a daoly inversion table along with exercise.

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