SMC Reset With Broken Keyboard

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Queen__6, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Nov 6, 2017
    Arlington, VA
    My laptop has been having some serious issues. It was all working fine until one day, the trackpad no longer worked (I could click but couldn’t move the mouse) and the power button- ONLY the power button- wouldn’t work. I accidentally let it run out of battery, and when I finally turned it back on (I managed to turn it on by opening it up and pushing these two metal bits at once, idk the actual name for it, sorry), the whole keyboard didn’t work, I could no longer click things, and the fan wouldn’t turn off. I managed with a USB keyboard and mouse for a week or so, but now, the screen randomly turns off if the MacBook isn’t plugged in to battery and I’m not constantly clicking things. Whenever I look up these problems, both together and separately, the solution seems to be an SMC reset. However, my keyboard doesn’t work, and I’m a little afraid of shutting it down since my power button also doesn’t work. Is there some other was to do it that doesn’t require a working built-in keyboard?

    Sorry for rambling. Quick summary: my laptop is having all kinds of problems that all seem to be solved by an SMC reset, but my keyboard (including the power button) doesn’t work. How can do the reset with these limitations?

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