So, Apple Glass is real. Your AR ideas?

Would you use AR glasses with the features in the OP?

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Feb 25, 2012
So offline translation is now a reality with iOS 14. Looks like a great tool for Apple Glass then, as mentioned!
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Feb 10, 2014
I don’t know if anyone pointed this out yet (I only read the first two pages of comments), but there’s an important difference between AR and HUD. HUD is just UI elements anchored to the glasses, not the world, which is much easier to do and more limited in usefulness than AR—this is what google glasses were back in the day. HUD can be useful for certain things but it distracts from the world, it doesn’t augment it. AR is anchored to the world, on the other hand, which is much more difficult to do, expands usefulness quite a bit, and is intended to keep you focused on the world, which I find much more agreeable.

I read some good ideas in the first couple pages. My main AR uses for the consumer Apple glasses would probably be navigation, tourism, translation, and stargazing (of the things I can think of right now). I would use AR often, but I will most likely not use HUD features often. I think I would find them too intrusive and distracting. Right now I just like having my Apple Watch vibrate for notifications so that I can decide if and when I want to look at my watch or phone and see what the notification is. I would probably only use HUD features for things like following along an instructional video, which doesn’t happen too often.

Not sure yet if I would ever want to watch a movie or tv show on the glasses, assuming it even has good enough display quality and battery life for that.

For work, however, I would want to use Apple’s rumored wired AR headset, so that I can have as many displays as I want/need at any size while I’m working on my computer.


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Jul 25, 2020
NEXTechar solution had ar floating button working, when apple glasses come out, oh boi its gonna be awsome.

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