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Feb 24, 2015
Apple pushed the new rMBs from March to June at WWDC. Sit tight.

Yeah, maybe. I feel it has been so long we didn't got a decent update on the macbook side. I mean Thinkpad are the ones getting Oled screen and skylake.


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Sep 8, 2011
Nothing about Macs, nothing about OS X, nothing about non-mobile software. I think we will know how Apple really feels about the Mac and OS X, either by the end of this year or next year. Either Apple will pay the Mac and OSX the proper attention it needs soon, or it will continue to be ignored. I hope it's the former, of course.


Oct 2, 2010
Overall there was nothing really to get excited about in this event. So basically it was filling an Apple tradition.

I did notice they keep comparing the iPad to the Surface. There's really no comparison, Surface is far more capable.

This event is also an indication that Apple is in a stalled mode right now. Nothing really new and no real improvements in the current products that needed an "event" to announce.


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Sep 14, 2011
Leeds, UK
We'll see updated Macs at WWDC in June. That is the major developer event, whatever people say about Apple focussing on iOS as a priority, you still need a Mac to develop using Xcode.


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Jul 3, 2011
Yeah, maybe. I feel it has been so long we didn't got a decent update on the macbook side. I mean Thinkpad are the ones getting Oled screen and skylake.

Then go buy a ThinkPad. They are solid machines, albeit without OS X. As others have said, the MacBook/Pro announcements may come at WWDC... of course, they could also be updated and announced by old-fashioned press releases.


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Aug 2, 2015
imo this event showed more than ever before that there is no Steve Jobs around anymore.. Back in the days Apple had far better products than the competition and good marketing. Now they are going all crazy with marketing (remember the 7 pager Vogue Apple Watch commercial..?!) and good products but nothing mindblowing compared to whats out there.

Apple Watch price drop is a clear indicator that the watch isn't selling as well as expected. You simply don't lower the price of a product thats selling well. Even Apple has done this in the past with several macbooks: I am sorry I have a different opinion.

iPad Pro? Trying to make the upgrade look bigger than it actually is by introducing a new name plus holding fore touch back for a future iPad update.

iPhone SE.. oh come on there is nothing to talk about. Did Apple have some iPhone 5 chassis left over or what lol


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No surprises here, Apple could clearly do far more with the Mac given their resources, equally keeping it just "ticking over" and still bring in revenue seems the way forward. Apple currently has little incentive to rapidly update the current Mac lineup, equally for those of us who depend on the Mac & OS X for a living a blow, not that we are Apple`s target audience for the Mac these days...

Apple`s priority is IOS devices, the Mac & OS X is very much on the "back burner" like it or loath it...

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Apr 30, 2015
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Oh the drama. There never was any indication there was going to be something announced today, except for wishful thinking. That doesn't mean Apple is neglecting the Macs at all, yet only in the heads of those who want to think that. But then again, some people need drama in their life, otherwise it all would be so boring.


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Jun 9, 2009
Hey, I am disappointed too. However, this was expected. I luckily can wait until WWDC to see any significant changes to any laptop line up. I could also take advantage of BB with the mark downs and call it a day. I just cant get over the awesome design of the rMB. For what is out now, I could live. I would then get buyers remorse if an update came a few months down the road with minimal upgrades because, thats what apple does to keep us buying!

Anyway, hold tight, maybe WWDC will be our time.


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May 2, 2010
Apple pushed the new rMBs from March to June at WWDC. Sit tight.

No, they pushed the Pro and Air to June, no room for the RMB at that event either.

Skylake doesn't mean anything to the RMB. Some may figure this out some day.



Jun 28, 2015
Western Hemisphere
Soooo disapointed about the apple keynote, no new rMB, no new rMB pro, no skylake, nothing. :(
I've attended every single Apple keynote since the original. I find accepting that Apple has become a mass market, somewhat generic consumer electronics manufacturer, does frame things in a manner most appropriate for the kinds of things they sell.

When one collapses all expectations and just observes, it brings a new appreciation for the staggering profits that result from nurturing a world class sales strategy.
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Jun 9, 2009
You can credit Apple for not updating the mac because there's no meaningful innovations to be put out.
And a little bit of complacency. They released a 4" iphone because although it may be old, I haven't seen any small android phone in the last 3 years that looks as good as the 5s does and certainly 0 flagships perform as smoothly. So you can say that the competition has not caught up. Android still seems buggy and jerky scrolling over the long-term compared to ios. Core user experiences are still superior, although Android has way more features. And the mac still has the best touchpad and best screen. That's your core experience right there.


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To me Apple will hold off updating the Retina MacBook until Kaby Lake to take advantage of TB3 being enabled on the SOC, which makes sense for such a diminutive notebook. As Skylake without Intel`s Alpine Ridge is merely a spec "bump"

The MacBook Pro is really more the issue being very much overdue a meaningful update, especially the 15" and with Apple looking to push the iPad Pro as the complete PC replacement for many, who knows what will happen. WWDC will be interesting, equally as stated the Mac is, and has for a long time played "second fiddle" to IOS devices. Making it unlikely that we will see what Apple has the ability to produce in the PC "space", rather we will get what is best for their overall business model.

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