so i wanna trade in my iphone x for the XR but i have some issues i need answers for.


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Oct 5, 2018
so i have a iphone x that has a crack in the corner from dropping it and it created other little crackings in the corner, nothing to serious other than that mint condition. on my iphone x i have $700 left on my payments. i was wondering if i could trade it for the 750 iphone xr.

let me know what you think also last week someone did att asurance fraud on my account, got it fixed and got the $150 removed from my att account some dbag in jersey thought he was slick but i dont hope it messes with my warranty with apple (i bought the phone in december) I still might think the asurance scam might f up my trade in ( I originally planned to trade in for a refurbished due to the speaker cause i'd have to talk on speaker phone or theyd sound all muffled and very low i can get my screen crack for 89, i also hear apple doesnt care much about small screen cracks. it’s at the bottom left nothing massive just creates a tiny crack lines, I can produce pictures of it tomorrow, if its that bad I'll just do the $89 screen swap

thanks apple bros! Please give me a hand hear

UPDATE : muffled ear speak when on phone fix during upgrade. now only concern is the crack in the bottom of the screen that created little cracks.
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