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Feb 26, 2009
I'm having this issue with a couple different apps so I'm trying to pinpoint who's to blame: the apps, my iPad, or something with my iCloud account.

Basically when I open some apps (specifically I'm noticing it with Touchable Pro and Beatmaker 3 on my iPad, pretty much every time I open them) I'm prompted to enter my iCloud password. If I cancel, the app closes.

It seems like some kind of DRM verification to confirm that I paid for the app, but the issue is that it obviously requires an internet connection to verify. My worry is that I'll get this popup when I'm somewhere without wifi.

Anyone have any tips for solving this?


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Apr 26, 2013
Wouldn't it be simpler to go to the app's page, find the email to send questions to the developer of the app and ask them 'i have your app but it keeps asking me for icloud login. should your app be doing this yes/no?'

then wait for a response.


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Feb 26, 2009
Oh I have, just waiting on a response. In the meantime I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on if it's specific to these apps or if it's an issue with my iPad or iCloud account.


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Jul 1, 2014
Put the iPad into airplane mode and the turn off wifi, then see what happens re: not on wifi.

George Knighton

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Oct 13, 2010
This has also been happening to me.

I thought perhaps it might've been related to leaving an old credit card associated with the Apple ID, because I hadn't bought anything in a long time.

But after updating the Apple ID associated with App Store purchases, it is still happening.

The only other thing I can imagine is that I have my original Apple ID making purchases, but a newer Apple ID associated with iCloud accounts...and I *have* accidentally made purchases from that account in the past.

I agree with the original poster that we should try to figure this out, because we want these things to work quickly and seamlessly, and we don't want to stop whatever we're doing and have to type in a verification when we should have expected instantaneous results while engaged in activities that might make typing inconvenient.


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Oct 20, 2018
Is it possible for an app to steal Apple ID credentials with this type of popup? I wasn't sure about this so I have always cancelled the app's request and instead went to iPhone Settings to enter my credentials. After doing this I reopen the app in question and it has always worked - the app that previously asked me to login no longer makes the request.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
Why would an app that's already installed on your device need to verify that it was purchased? Presumably Apple's own DRM already does this?
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Apr 30, 2013
Los Angeles
I've been seeing the same issue on my iPhone as well. It seems to have subsided a bit but the behavior was the same. Launch an app, it would stall, prompt you to sign with your AppleID and then load. So OP is not crazy.


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Jul 1, 2014
Why would an app that's already installed on your device need to verify that it was purchased?


From my understanding, two ways to verify that the subscription is valid, either by looking at the receipt on the device, or, pinging Apple's servers for a receipt. And need to ping Apple to get subscription information (ie. options for renewal, what features are in what subscriptions, etc). Basic suggested workflow is to validate subscription and subscriptions options before going further.

So, guessing if signed out of one's Apple ID and or app came from different Apple ID, subscription check would pull up ID prompt.
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now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
If you change any information in your Apple ID, such as new email address or contact info... or anything. Prepare for iCloud hell for the rest of your life.
It really is a horrible system. I'm permanently locked out of iCloud on my Mac. Can't log in or out.


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Nov 2, 2017
Twitter ALWAYS gives me a popup to log into my iCloud after syncing with iTunes.
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