Some Owners of Older iOS Devices Receiving Up to $300 in Liquid Damage Indicator Settlement


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Apr 12, 2001

Back in April 2013, it was announced that Apple had agreed to a $53 million settlement in a class action lawsuit involving iPhone and iPod touch units that may have been improperly denied warranty coverage due to liquid damage indicators having been triggered in the devices.

The settlement, which covers iPhones denied warranty coverage on or before December 31, 2009 and iPod touches denied coverage on or before June 30, 2010, stems from Apple's use of triggered liquid damage indicators as sufficient reason for denying warranty coverage. Given the timeframe for the issue, the settlement is limited to iPhone 3GS and earlier and third-generation iPod touch and earlier models.

With the indicators' manufacturer, 3M, acknowledging the indicators could be at least partially triggered by humidity and not necessarily direct liquid contact, some owners pursued a case against Apple for improperly denying warranty coverage. Apple did later adjust its procedures to require additional visual inspection for liquid damage on devices where the indicators had been triggered, but for those who had already paid out of pocket to replace their devices, the case continued.

As outlined on the settlement home page, administrators finally began sending out settlement checks to eligible claimants last week, and a number of MacRumors readers have reported receiving their checks over the past few days.

Owners of several different iPhone models have reported receiving checks for $251.55, with some reporting amounts as high as $300 while others have received smaller amounts for affected iPod touch units. Users receiving checks have until January 21 to cash or deposit them.

Article Link: Some Owners of Older iOS Devices Receiving Up to $300 in Liquid Damage Indicator Settlement


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Nov 26, 2007
Darn, got excited my the headline that I'd be getting $600 for my two 3GSs. But I never had any problems with them, thus I never needed repairs so if my liquid damage indicator went off, I never learned about it.


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Jan 8, 2007
New York City
Damn. I shouldn't have used the whiteout trick when I drenched my ipod touchy by accident and got it replaced for free by Apple..


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Jan 9, 2007
My fully functional iPhone 4 had fully tripped liquid damage indicators, so this was definitely not an airtight defense against warranty claims.


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Dec 18, 2002
I got one of the checks for $251. I had dropped my iPhone 3G in water and it was completely submerged. It was completely fried. However, Apple only charged me $200 at the time for a replacement, so I guess I came out ahead.


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Feb 20, 2003
Palo Alto, CA
I got $251.55

I honestly don't even remember having a liquid damage claim, so needless to say I was a bit surprised to get a check.

Caution: the check arrives in a very generic looking envelope. I nearly threw it away without even opening it!



Jul 10, 2008
They denied mine because it was in my jacket pocket while snowmobiling and it got super cold and then I'm sure it changed when I went into the bar and it warmed again causing a touch of condensation.


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Oct 12, 2011
Dang. Did you have to be on the list for this? What were the conditions to receive the money?


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Sep 30, 2014
Check received

I received my check last Friday and at first thought it was too good to be true. I had forgotten even filing a claim on the website all those months ago. My check was for the same $251 as in the article photo.
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