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    Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle right now. We have customized a background for our iPods, but I cannot find a JPEG or PNG of the same stock background from the iPad Air 2 that we have.

    I have read many an article and I am finally willing to admit defeat. :/

    I have extracted the cpbitmap file but cannot find a converter that works. Can anyone convert this using any of the scripts you can find on the internet or does anyone have a png file of this one? I have downloaded several sets of "stock iPad backgrounds", but the one that looks similar to this one does not actually appear to be the same thing.

    See attached file for the one that I want in iPad Air size and see the Google Drive links for the cpbitmap files I extracted.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Attached below is the file I found somewhere on the interwebs... but I don't see how that could work as the dots appear to be much bigger than the ones in the iPhone image... or have I gone crazy?

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    Perfect! Thank you so much!!

    I shoulda known someone would have done something on deviant art haha
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    The problem is that all the ones I check are either very low quality or meant for an iPhone display, which doesn't fit well on an iPad's 4:3 ratio.

    Thanks for looking though.

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