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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by zachlegomaniac, Aug 22, 2016.

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    Hi there,

    My wife and I currently have an iPad Mini 1 that our son uses primarily as it has gotten a bit slow for our use. It does have a hard time running many of his educational games now, and they crash often (running iOS 9.3.4). It works best for streaming Sesame Street, etc. We would like to buy a new iPad, but can only afford one (versus one for the little one and one for us), and would like to use it family wide for a very wide variety of tasks. We will most likely keep it for the long haul (as we have with the Mini 1) so I am leaning toward buying the "latest and greatest" and grab the iPad Pro 9.7".

    Do you think this is wise? Also, with a LifeProof case and AppleCare Plus I'm talking an extra $225. I was thinking of going LifeProof only as I had great luck with one of their cases for an iPhone I had years ago, and forgoing AppleCare Plus to save some money. Any thoughts on that?

    I'm super bummed we missed the huge Best Buy deal at the end of last month ($225 off with edu discount plus sale), and am in no huge rush to buy since that ship has sailed. Do you think I should wait for the next 9.7" to come out as it will have to last us a minimum of a few years? I feel I made a mistake in buying the iPad Mini 1 as it had the same internals as the original iPad 2 when it debuted, and it became real sluggish for us after installing iOS 8 (lesson learned - probably should have kept it running iOS 7 forever - although others may have had a different experience). Just trying to future proof so I don't make the same mistake. I feel like the Mini 1 only performed well for us for a year to 18 months until I upgraded the iOS.

    Finally, we are planning on the highest capacity model since we plan to go Wi-Fi only if that makes a difference. Just trying to make an educated decision as a consumer.

    I would love to hear your advice.

    Thank you,

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    West Cost A Lot
    Before making the decision that the current iPad is slow try doing a factory reset. It should clear out old code and doing away with apps that you are no longer using. I reset my devices twice a year and they appear to function more quickly after that.

    Its not a crime to save money.
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    AgreeD on nothing wrong with saving money. My wife and I are very frugal (probably in the minority of Americans as we live debt free by forgoing many, many "wants"). I'm also considering just getting the kids version of the Kindle Fire for 79.99. I tried the full restore on the mini and stripped it down to a few apps we use only. Some of his apps still run slow/crash. The genius at the Apple Store said it was just the processor and RAM.

    The only bummer with the Kindle is all the kids movies we've purchased on iTunes.

    Thanks for your input.


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