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Apr 12, 2001

Telegram is working on a way to let users import their chat history from WhatsApp so they won't lose old conversations if they switch messaging platforms.


An update to the app briefly appeared in the App Store on Wednesday detailing the new import tool, but another update was swiftly issued that removed all mention of the tool, suggesting Telegram is still developing it.

WABetaInfo was first to spot the feature and managed to play around with it to see how it works. Users will need to export individual WhatsApp chats using WhatsApp's Export Chat option, then select Telegram from the Actions menu.

Telegram then asks where the imported messages should go to, and offers options to choose an existing conversation or group or to create a new one. After the process is completed, all messages and media (if media was selected as part of the WhatsApp export) can be seen in the chat list labeled as "Imported."


The import tool will be seen by many as a timely addition, after the recent exodus from WhatsApp prompted by the service's poorly explained privacy policy update. Rival encrypted messaging services Telegram and Signal both experienced a surge in signups following the controversy.

WhatsApp has since decided to delay the privacy policy changes for three months while it attempts to deal with the fallout, but it seems likely that for many former users of the Facebook-owned platform, the horse has already bolted.

Article Link: Telegram Working on Tool That Lets You Import WhatsApp Chats


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May 21, 2020
All I want from Telegram is the possibility to use the system contact’s photo, like Signal !

I hate those colored circles with 2 letters.


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May 21, 2020
I just don't get why Telegram should be that much better than Facebook, considering their history.
Personally I'd love my circle of friends to change to Signal.
What « history » are you talking about ?

Personnally, I have choosen Telegram over Signal years ago because it offers true multi-devices support, possible because of the cloud system.

Of course it’s less secure than E2E encryption, but for now I have no reason to not trust Telegram. The day I will, I’ll switch to Signal.
And, if I want to, secret chat are available in Telegram.


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Nov 6, 2020
I love Signal.

I hate the lack of Car Play support and that it crashes, but anything is better than giving Facebook more unnecessary information about me.

I don't even fb anymore... and barely ig.
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Feb 12, 2017
not much user install signal,imessage

Telegram kinda famous a bit era covid.
Most of people here using whatsapp and wechat


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Jul 4, 2019
Telegram is less secure than WhatsApp!

Cloud Chats are not e2e protected. Standard chat mode is not e2e protected.

Telegram is orders of magnitude ahead in terms of features. Cloud storage is just one of them. I have 1.2TB of my files backed up on it (of course, not very important files). I am willing to give up on that extra level of security in Signal (which Telegram also offers if you want to) for the absolute mindboggling number of features that Telegram offers compared to any other platform.


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Oct 21, 2014
I just don't get why Telegram should be that much better than Facebook, considering their history.
Personally I'd love my circle of friends to change to Signal.
Can you educate me? What is the history you speak of? From the research I have done, the only thing that people push back on Telegram for is that not every conversation is encrypted end-to-end. And I'm fine with that, it allows me to have my devices synced perfectly. And I can have a secret chat if I need that...


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Oct 21, 2014
Telegram is an AMAZING app. I have been using it for years. I have custom stickers for friends and family, bots integrated for work and my clients love it. The new voice chat feature is great for conference calls.... since not everyone wants to be on zoom.


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Nov 19, 2012
Love Telegram, been using it for years now and it is regularly updated with amazing features. I can edit messages (golly..), create gifs from movies, silent send messages (if for example, it is late at night) or schedule a message to be sent a a particular time, cloud storage, archive chats etc..etc..etc... Tip of the iceberg, there are so many cool things, and I've not even mentioned setting up Bots.

Those criticising its security need only switch to Secret Chats and voila, E2E encryption. Personally I like the cross device support of the standard chats setup. With 2FA it's secure enough for me, all without Zuckerberg heavy breathing over my shoulder.
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