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    I recently dropped my iPhone 6s and the display is unresponsive and only half visible. I bought a friends used phone for relatively cheap, hoping apple would be able to access my data without an accessible screen. Today I was told that it will cost around $200 to fix the display in order to retrieve the data.
    I've been researching diy replacement and this is my question: is it a terrible idea to buy an iPhone repair kit, use it to remove the displays from *both* of the phones (the broken one and the working one), attach the working display to my older phone for just long enough to back up the data, then put that working screen back on the newer phone? is this a terrible idea? i'm broke lmao. Thanks so much!
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    no, it's a perfectly normal idea. However, you do need to know what you are doing. If you are replacing screens yourself, i would advise you to use the iFixit guides. Replacing a screen should cost you about 30 minutes, so i guess you'll be busy for an hour or so.

    Keep in mind: you need to swap TouchID buttons as well and don't rip any cables, or the screens/TouchID will be busted. Also: the 6s has a strip of adhesive around the display, you might want to replace that when putting things together again.
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    Does you’re mall have a kiosk or one of those fix it screen places? They may be cheaper than apple
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    Mall kiosks...isn't that kinda like going to the surgeons office and having them operate you on their desk :D?
    I'm sure some of those guys and gals are highly skilled but it's also where you see the worst offenders as well. Look up a reputable shop, mall or otherwise...don't just stop at the first place you see.

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