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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today updated its TestFlight app for iOS to version 2.7.0, and according to the release notes, the update adds stability improvements and bug fixes. There's one other hidden addition that went unmentioned -- a new icon.

Old icon on left, new icon on right

Apple has once again refined the TestFlight app icon to introduce a new design. The icon continues to feature a propeller, but the new look adds a 3D effect and does away with the simplicity of the prior icon.

TestFlight is Apple's app that developers are able to use to provide beta versions of apps to media, testers, and others to get their apps ready for release.

Article Link: TestFlight App for iOS Gets New Icon


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Sep 1, 2010
California, USA
Someone on Twitter mentioned that this icon fits the design language of macOS Big Sur and Apple possibly hinting at a Testflight app for macOS.

This would make sense because when the Apple Silicon Macs arrive later this year, iOS apps will be able to run on macOS. It would make sense to test these Apps not only on iOS but also on Apple Silicon-based macOS Big Sur.


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Apr 8, 2009
Guys! Sit back and relax for a minute. I think Apple got this idea from going Carbon Neutral. Check out the article Apple published. The propeller matches what's in the article.

What? It’s a propeller, like on a plane, cos it’s called Test Flight. Nothing to do with renewable energy.
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