The 20 random things you may not have known about me... thread.


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Mar 9, 2002
Regardless of what I've ever posted before, here are 20 random things that you may or may not know about me.

I've been as honest as possible, and tried to verify a couple of things to make sure that they are accurate, for example I always thought I was half Irish, but a quick call actually confirmed I'm only 1/4 Irish. The same goes for 5, I think I was 14, but there is a possibility that it might have been 13 I'm not exactly sure but it was one of the those ages.

Anyway... as I spend a *cough* reasonable *cough* amount of time on MR, I thought it'd be interesting to reveal and discover a little more about the people on MR. :)

Here are my 20... enjoy ;)

1. I'm 1/4 Irish.
2. I have 10 G.C.S.E's (English Secondary/High School qualifications)
3. I studied Design for 5 years.
4. I got into University to do my Degree with only my G.C.S.E's and portfolio. (I never submitted my finals to attain BTEC National Diploma qualification)
5. I couldn't swim till I was 14, I taught myself one evening after school.
6. I could drive at 13 (manual transmission)
7. I absolutely hate seafood.
8. I once had my foreskin pierced.
9. This Gentleman prefers brunettes.
10. I have never measured the length of my errr manhood.
11. I used to race mountain bikes competitively in the under 18 category.
12. Even though I'm an Atheist, and don't believe in God, Heaven, Afterlife etc. I do believe in Ghosts. But only as non-conscious, non-intelligent residual energies.
13. My absolute favourite colour is Red.
14. I dislike spiders.
15. I was in a band with 3 bass players in school through college, we only ever played parties, and were quite, quite bad.
16. I don't like reading fiction books. I prefer to read non-fiction, factual ones.
17. I have a visual colour deficiency in my left eye.
18. I have a fear of dentists.
19. I hate shopping.
20. My favourite films are 'Vertigo', and '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

Okay then... what 20 random things are we unlikely to know about you? :)


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
Great idea for a thread that man! Should be interesting/entertaining :D

OK, well, here goes...

1. I’m 1/4 Irish too :eek: ;)
2. I left school with a paltry 5 GCSE’s and never went on to further education.
3. I have worked in the IT field since leaving school at 16.
4. I learnt to drive at 18, even though I had always wanted to drive all my life, when I hit 17 and could do, I just couldn’t be bothered.
5. My first car was a new model Mini Cooper….which I have just finished paying for!
6. I’m actually very shy in “real” life.
7. Religion really gets on my tits, as does politics.
8. I’m terrible at saving money.
9. Although I’ve moved jobs in the past 5 years, I have worked in the same fairly small area my entire professional life to date.
10. This Gentleman also prefers brunettes.
11. I pretty much only drink water or tea…apart from when I have a little drink up ;) :D
12. I only like very plain foods. No Indian, Chinese, Mexican etc for me thank you!
13. I have never even had so much as a cigarette in my life, and don’t plan on it.
14. I have quite an eclectic taste in music.
15. Despite being in the top sets in English & Maths when at school, my spelling now sucks, and the very thought of algebra scares me!!
16. I crashed my car within my first year of driving, so I am part of that lovely little statistic :rolleyes:
17. I once had my ear pierced, WTF was I thinking (it was a LONG time ago, I swear!)
18. I spend WAY to much time here, but that’s largely due to my desk job, so I just have MR open between fixing peoples Windows problems :eek: :D
19. An Aston Martin in one form or another has been, and always will be my dream car.
20. I have a bit of a thing for Keira Knightley :eek: :p


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May 6, 2004
What's Your Favorite Posish
1 - I spend my days watching children's british broadcast company (or more affectionately known as, cbeebies)
2 - When i go to the toilet i say "that was a good *****"
3 - I'm the second most bad tempered guy i know
4 - I once robbed a bookies
5 - I don't know my months (get stuck around october)
6 - Even considering no.5, i have an IQ of 180 (but I'm thick)
7 - I lie about my IQ, which is actually 156
8 - I am a perfectionist (OCD I'm sure if it)
9 - I once had a homosexual thought, i don't think i liked it
10 - My favorite song is "china in your hands" by t'pau
11 - I am the direct opposite of a hoarder, if it doesn't fit in its place it gets thrown away (dvd players, televisions, bikes and furniture)
12 - Untidiness does not rule in my household
13 - I do not rule in my household
14 - Macs and Liverpool Football Club are my fags and booze
15 - I'm WASTING my more than valuable life
16 - I would run away tomorrow if i had the money
17 - My favorite colour is green or blue, I'm undecided
18 - I'm really good at nearly everything - but not great at much
19 - I don't drive - but i do own a car
20 - I'm part spanish - like an 8th or something
21 - i never stick to guidelines

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
1. I used to have a cat that had no name -- she's now dead.
2. I'm not a big fan of seafood.
3. I have recently had my hair dyed copper red & highlighted.
4. Was the captain of the school's girls basketball team at 16.
5. I love peanut butter.
6. Cannot stand synthetics next to my skin -- gives me strange rashes.
7. The first single I ever bought was David Bowie: Heroes.
8. Have a current fetish for Innocent smoothies -- in fact, I'm drinking one now as I type -- strawberry & banana.
9. I once appeared on Australian TV with Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.
10. I'm the only person I've ever met who was expelled from primary school.
11. I can handle spiders & mice but get a little squeamish about hair-balls in drains.
12. Adore silver and platinum contemporary jewellery.
13. Got bitten by an Alsatian when I was 13 -- the scar is still on my right leg.
14. Used to play bass guitar very badly...
15. Cannot resist chips (fat chunky ones with Hellmanns, not the skinny fries kind -- mmm, slimming)
16. I consult the I Ching now & then -- with stalks, not coins.
17. Take 6 tablets a day of a prescription that messes with my metabolism and leeches minerals from my body.
18. Have never walked out of a movie no matter how bad.
19. Directed a training video for Rape Crisis NZ.
20. I have chased the dragon -- twice.


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I'll bite tho I want to know how Gav managed to learn to swim in a single evening!

1 I hate fresh tomatoes (I think it's to do with the 'jelly' round the seeds)
2 I learned to read at 2 1/2 because it was a fun game
3 I studied Latin for 6 years but never use it so it's fading from the brain
4 I love fresh soup (lentil and pancetta sitting next to me)
5 I'm a food 'snob' - I prefer to pay more for better sourced ingredients than ready meals and 'value' ingredients with no provenance
6 I only realised that I liked running after 20 years of avoiding it
7 I never leave the house without a book to read
8 My favourite big cat is a leopard
9 I like heavy rain but not misty drizzle tho I prefer neither!
10 I've never spent more than £100 on a pair of shoes/boots
11 I don't own anything pink despite being a woman (tho I wouldn't say no to a pink iPod mini)
12 My tidiest 'living' space is probably my Mac's file system. The house is cluttered
13 Washing up is my least favourite chore
14 I enjoy cutting the grass tho I currently lack a garden
15 My favourite sound is of waves crashing onto beaches
16 One of my favourite movies is 'The Quiet Man'
17 I've become ruder since I moved to London and I consciously try not to be
18 I prefer dark-haired men
19 I hate seeing apostrophes misused; some spelling errors also irritate me (loose for lose, argh!)
20 I'm 1/4 Italian and 1/4 Irish


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Jan 19, 2003
London, England
C'mon edesign, we ALL know you have a "bit of a thing" for KK, you'll have to post another one for 20.... :D

OK, here goes.

1. I have a teflon disc under my right kneecap.
2. I have too many qualifications... :rolleyes:
3. I swear too much in my lectures.
4. I'm a stone athiest, we're on our own here folks.
5. I'm allergic to alcohol.
6. I've been teetotal since 1981 (see 5.)
7. My favourite colour is also red, and I support Liverpool FC (who play in red).
8. I love steak and kidney pie and chips.
9. THIS gentleman prefers redheads.
10. I started driving at 24 and I drive too fast.
11. I hold black belts in karate and aikido.
12. I play bass guitar.
13. I'm an insomniac, I often sleep less than 3 hours a night.
14. I'm balding and I don't care.
15. I'm very lazy
16. I was an actor before I went into music.
17. I was stabbed by my girlfriend in a gay club with a pair of nail scissors.
18. I prefer dogs to cats.
19. I read too much Science Fiction
20. I'm much less interesting than I first appear.
1. 1/4 chinese
2. 1/4 spanish
3. i took the IB
4. i picked my university course blind folded
5. i prefer dress shirts to t shirts
6. iv eaten pigs testicles in spain
7. i have 2 dogs, several cats, a turle, birds, and fishies
8. i love to eat out and am willing to pay :)
9. prefer brunettes
10. started driving at 16
11. i shoot hand guns and assault rifles back home
12. fastest iv gone is 200 km/h coming home late one night!!!
13. i love all of audrey hepburn's movies
14. natalie portman is my favorite celebrity
15. i enjoy photography
16. i used to speak chinese and bahasa (indonesian) when i was a child
17. i love to cook and bake
18. i burned my right arm on a rice cooker, taking all the skin off. luckily no scar!!!
19. i like shopping as long as its not girly type shopping
20. i almsot got banned from the uni network for excessive bandwidth usage


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Dec 6, 2004
Blue Velvet said:
10. I'm the only person I've ever met who was expelled from primary
One of my good friends was 'expelled' from primary. He should have been out of there but then his grandfather came along and threatened to stop donating money to the school. His grandfather is quite quite quite wealthy.


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
killuminati said:
One of my good friends was 'expelled' from primary. He should have been out of there but then his grandfather came along and threatened to stop donating money to the school. His grandfather is quite quite quite wealthy.
:rolleyes: It's not what you know...


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
(1) Blood percentages aren't exact, as it's been a while since many of my ancestors were pure-bloods, but as close as I can tell, I am approximately: 3/8 German, 1/16 Swiss, 1/16 French (all on my mother's side), and 1/64 American Indian, 7/64 English, 1/4 Irish (a common theme here...), and 1/8 Scottish.

(2) I vastly prefer female friends to male ones.

(3) I wish I liked tea, but I don't, not all that much at least - I'm a coffee drinker.

(4) I once shook President Nixon's hand when he visited my hometown when I was really young.

(5) In 1982, I was the Illinois state champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate (one-on-one debate) and came pretty close to state debate championships in standard (two-on-two) debate 2 out of 4 years in high school.

(6) People who know me commonly think that I know far more than I really do. I used to know more than I do now, but I still act like I know it, and I can apparently pull it off (though not on this forum).

(7) I'm a programmer and am absolutely fastidious about my code. Obsessed, almost. In real life, though, I'm a borderline slob.

(8) Most of my young life, I wanted to be a wildlife vet.

(9) I've become - through the purchase of a crap house - pretty adept at home repair. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. My main course of attack is to tear down the offending item, then try to figure out how in the hell I'm going to fix it. So far, I've been reasonably lucky.

(10) I used to be very skinny and terrified of water. Now I'm not even vaguely skinny and float with not problems.

(11) My brother is a frequent poster here, so no way am I listing anything potentially unknown to my family - not that there aren't a few skeletons. Well, not literally.

(12) I used to teach Catholic Sunday school when in high school - they gave me the problem kids and I helped them catch up. I'm now an atheist.

(13) I've been in love just once in my life.

(14) I once drove a school bus around the block.

(15) I generally couldn't care less about hair color, but, when pressed, I think auburn is my favorite.

(16) I intentionally did no homework whatsoever the second half of my last year in junior high because I realized that it would in no way ever affect the rest of my life. I failed one course, got D's in two others. Impact so far: none.

(17) I like building robots, but rarely get any time to do so. "Rarely" means "almost never". But I think they're cool.

(18) I have over a half dozen patent applications submitted and a few more on the way, all over the past 15 months when I decided to try it out. Now, though, my crap employer is discouraging us from wasting time on invention reports.

(19) There are - thank your deity of choice - no nude pictures of me taken since I was, oh, a year old or so. No naked videos. No audio recordings during sensitive moments. Paris Hilton has more potentially embarrassing photos, videos, etc. taken during one day than I will ever have in my life. And the world is a better place because of that.

(20) I once dated two women simultaneously for about half a year. It was the most exciting time of my life, and I very likely would have married either of them - I simply couldn't chose. Really. I wanted to pick one or the other, and couldn't. The inevitable destruction of both relationships simultaneously stands as the low point of my adult life.


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May 11, 2004
fig tree
eh, what the hell

1. My dream car is a chili red mini cooper s with all the options
2. I can't stand punk or rap music, and hate MTV
3. I'm a high school student without a job
4. I enjoy watching History Channel and National Geographic Channel more than is healthy for someone my age...all I ever watch pretty much lol
5. I'm fascinated with the cool designs/colors one sees when one closes ones eyes and pushes ones hands into them
6. I used the word "one" way too many times in that sentence
7. I play the saxophone, and would love to learn trombone or guitar
8. I love photography but have a crappy digital camera
9. My favorite movie is "The Blues Brothers"
10. I swear too much
11. I love to go clothes shopping
12. My favorite food is pad thai or chorizo and bean tacos
13. I've never left the US but would love to go to London or Paris
14. My dream city to live in is New York
15. I love it when it rains
16. My favorite band is The Beatles
17. I once ate a chicken heart and it was so awful I've (proudly) never eaten any animal organs since
18. I'm taking French but I hate it because it's so confusing
19. My shoe size is 12
20. My favorite color is pink despite being a guy


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Jan 14, 2005
visiting from downstream
1. I'm 1/4 Swedish. ("Johanson"...)
2. My favorite numbers are 37 (Clerks), 42 (HGTTG), and most especially 26. (The digits of my birthdate sum to 26; I started my job on a date whose digits sum to 26; my previous residence's house number was 17576, whose digits sum to 26 AND 26*26*26 = 17576).
3. I am a collector. I collect art, books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs, all meticulously organized.
4. I grew up all over, due to my Dad being a US Air Force pilot. Born in Florida, I then lived in Hawai'i, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Germany, England, and finally North Carolina.
5. I had the highest SAT score in my senior class of 500+ students.
6. I hate anything to do with losing teeth.
7. When I swear at other drivers, my accent temporarily changes to an English accent. (I had such an accent for about 4 years... I lived offbase in England and being exposed to the locals changed my mode of speech. I still use a lot of Britishisms in my speech.)
8. My favorite sports teams: NFL = Carolina Panthers, MLB = Baltimore Orioles, NHL = Carolina Hurricanes, NCAA hoops = Carolina Tarheels, soccer = LIVERPOOL!
9. I have a near-phobia about breaking glass... I cannot go into the Waterford crystal section of a department store.
10. And yet, my residence is full of glass art, much of it breakable.
11. If I read foreign text, I have an extremely good chance of telling you what language it is, even if I don't speak that language.
12. My favorite beverages are Mountain Dew and a Starbucks venti 6-pump raspberry mocha. (Not at the same time, obviously.)
13. My favorite foods are pahd see ew (Thai noodles), chocolate, steak with Bearnaise or Hollandaise sauce, and Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts (HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW!).
14. I've worn glasses since I was 7. Lasik and other eye-sculpting procedures scare the bejeezus out of me, and I can't wear contacts because my eyelids close tighter than a vault when something approaches my eyes.
15. My dream car is an Audi Le Mans Quattro (due in 2006).
16. My favorite movie is Blade Runner, followed closely by Alien and Aliens.
17. My favorite authors are William Gibson, Stephen Baxter, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and Ayn Rand.
18. I am an ace proofreader.
19. My favorite musicians are Peter Gabriel, Alan Parsons, Christopher Franke, Tangerine Dream, Moby, Vangelis, and Enya.
20. [I was gonna type something here, but I will leave it to you to determine the one big thing about me that apparently none of you realize.]

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
clayjohanson said:
20. [I was gonna type something here, but I will leave it to you to determine the one big thing about me that apparently none of you realize.]
One of these things perhaps?

Is it Microsoft? Or the other stuff...


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Dec 19, 2002
1) 1/8 Irish, 1/8 Scottish, 1/8 Canadian, 1/8 French, 1/2 Swiss
2) Film & Photo Buff
3) I love cars in all types and am a bit of a car encyclopedia. Dream car would be an Aston.
4) I love to camp and hike. Last summer I went on a 50 mile canoe trip.
5) I'm 5'11", 140lbs (10 stone :p Stone is such a silly measure.)
6) Dual (U.S. and Swiss) citizen.
7) Is my lucky number.
8) I have a dog and a cat.
9) I love the water and am an avid swimmer and boater.
10) I waterski.
11) I enjoy rock climbing.
12) Mountain biking is fun though I'm not too great at it.
13) Every time I have ever gone camping (50+ times) it has rained.
14) Bad spelling and grammer (sic) gets on my nerves.
15) The Beatles, Guster, Five for Fighting and Phish are some of my fav tunes.
16) I don't have any brothers or sisters.
17) I love to take things apart, whether or not I can put them back together.
18) I don't have a hair color preference, though I have found that many blondes prefer to use their attractiveness rather than intelligence (or lack thereof) to get them through life.
19) This guy has no chin: :D
20) This is #20. ;)


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Jun 9, 2004
Rochester, NY
1. I believe I'm mostly American (English?), but have some tidbits of Irish as well.
2. I'm not a big fan of country music, and rap disgusts me.
3. John Mayer is my favorite artist.
4. I'm an atheist as well... Like a previous poster said, we're on our own.
5. I believe religion is nothing more than a subconscious reassurance that you're never alone.
6. I don't hate Windows as much as I should.
7. I've got my eye on the most amazing (blond) girl in the world :)
8. I love running track, but the 400 scares me ********.
9. I don't swear enough.
10. I pirate software and illegally download music.
11. I want to be an engineer solely for the paycheck... I'll probably become something else instead.
12. I drive a stick, and will probably never purchase an automatic.
13. I've never slept in, and no matter how deeply I'm sleeping in the morning, all you have to do is tap me and I'm fully awake. (No joke. :eek: )
14. I'm not big on rules, and enjoy breaking them as often as possible to prove my slightly rebellious nature :)
15. Though the above is quite true, I've kept a 4.0 GPA all the way through high school until last semester, in which i received an A- in AB/BC Calculus. (I'm a junior.)
16. Sobe's are my favorite drink, while chicken, rice, pizza and steak are my four favorite foods.
17. I eat at taco bell so often I can speak fluent Spanish. ;)
18. I'm a procrastinator, but am trying desperately to break the habit.
19. Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves and Robin Williams are my favorite actors.
20. I don't like sports as much as the average guy probably should... But around Superbowl season I start paying a bit more attention.

Well, I feel like I've accomplished something this lonely Saturday afternoon... Though I already did some sap collecting for community service hours with amazing blonde girl from #7. :cool: :)

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
clayjohanson said:
Suffice to say, I'm surprised no one has made the sign of the cross at me yet. :)
Everybody's allowed a little vice... redemption is at hand.

Just excuse me while I just drape some ropes of garlic bulbs over my monitor. :)


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Mar 29, 2004
Boston, MA
1) my garandfather was adopted so my bloodline is unclear
2) i have the job that i always wanted to have.
3) my favorite sports is sportclimbing
4) i love climbing mountains
5) i’m afraid of heights
6) my favorite music is trance and techno
7) i lack the feeling for classical music
8) i hate operas and love musicals
9) i heard way too much hardrock when i was young
10) i have some food allergies so i have to cook my food by myself
11) i hate cooking
12) i like parties
13) i don’t like sweet cocktails but i like straight wodka
14) i don’t go to zoos because i hate to see locked up animals
15) i started snowboarding and never skied again
16) i like to have a reason for everything i do even if i have to make one up
17) my spelling always was that bad
18) i’m a lefthanded person retrained to write with the right hand
19) i think completing 95% of a task is good enough


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May 10, 2004
There's no way I can hold down 20 remotely interesting things. Here's 10, I make no promises.

1. I study History at University, and am failing miserably.
2. Because I hate it. A lot.
3. I have always preferred winter.
4. I don't look like I 'should', anymore.
5. I'm fluent in Amstrad CPC BASIC v1.1.
6. Kevin Ogilvie is my God.
7. I'm lying, I'm an agnostic, I guess.
8. I'm a pinch sociopathic. People annoy me.
9. I inherited my love of cycling and trains from my biological father. He's an idiot.
10. I was the weird, yet somehow popular kid in school.


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Jan 27, 2004
My 20 things

1. I am around 1/2 German, and have traces of Cherokee Indian in me.
2. Although I have darkish blonde hair, I generally go for the foreign look in girls.
3. I have only had 2 dreams that involved sex.
4. I have always loved swimming, but I almost never do it.
5. I am a person who at times can be incredibly nice and neat, and at other times a complete mess.
6. Languages fascinate me a lot... I want to become fully fluent in Spanish and an Asian language (which I have yet to decide).
7. I have been raised a Seventh-Day Adventist... a conservative Christian denomination. I disagree with many things taught by them.
8. Even though I am a Christian, I believe in evolution.
9. I still have not had my Mac computer for a year. I had been using Windows for around 14 years or more, and I intend to as long as the center of computer gaming is still on it :).
10. Paintballing to me is like a real life FPS game. I love it, but just like swimming, I do not get to do it enough.
11. The only RTS games I like are made by Blizzard.
12. Before I had broadband internet, I used to have dreams of having it.
13. I do not fit in with the typical teen stereotype in many cases.
14. I need at least 9 hours of sleep for what I consider good functionality.
15. I have always loved computers, and I intend to keep the loving going.
16. One game I cannot get enough of is foosball.
17. I crave Starbucks coffee.
18. My favorite tea to drink is made by Celestial Seasonings, and is called Tangerine Orange Zinger.
19. My favorite band is Nine Inch Nails.
20. I am currently employed by my school, working in the computer lab.


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Aug 19, 2004
20's a little much for me, so here's 10 :)

1. I'm 1/8th Turkish
2. Originally, I only came to MR just for tech stuff ... then everyone was so nice, I decided to stay for everything else too. :)
3. I have this obsession for messenger bags and purses. I need to buy them ALL.
4. I've watched (almost) every episode of "Sex and the City."
5. I never really owned a pair of jeans before about two years ago.
6. Unless it's raining, I'm wearing sandals. That's the other wearable I'm obsessed with.
7. My only incidence of drunkenness required an ambulance and an emergency room stay. Apparently I don't take alcohol well.
8. I don't drink soda, unless it's a matter of getting free iTunes ... in which case I'll drink a diet Pepsi. :)
9. I'm more shy than all of this would have you believe.
10. I took down my old avatar because it looks too much like me (now you know the REAL reason, BV ;) ). I'm afraid that one day I'll be in an Apple Store and someone will say, "Are you dotnina from Macrumors!?!" and I will be embarassed beyond belief. Yes, I'm paranoid. :)