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Oct 27, 2016
I posted a while ago about my dissatisfaction with the new MacBook Pros. Despite my grumblings I had intended to hang out until any late 2017 releases to see if Apple had listened before I made up my mind about jumping ship or not. That was until the discrete graphics card died last week in my admittedly ancient MPB. I had to make a choice. It wasn't even close, I compared specs (albeit 7th gen i7 vs Apple's 6th gen), price, software, my specific narrow needs, etc. and I ended up getting a top-end gaming laptop made by a major company (that I won't name so I can't be accused of promoting them). (Note: I found gaming laptops suited my requirements more than standard ones)

I received the new thing on Saturday, 32gb RAM, 4GB discrete graphics and other really solid stuff. It's blazingly fast and just sucks up the work I throw at it. For half the price of the highest spec MBP that still doesn't come close to the specs. Oh, and it's designed for easy user access for upgradeability purposes. It took me a while to get some of my software and testing kit working but I had to sacrifice nothing in functionality for my work needs.

Do you know the only thing I'm missing with not having my MBP? Integrated messaging between my MBP, iPhone an iPad. It's annoying not being able to respond to texts and messages on my laptop and see them replicated on my iPhone. Also, the trackpad is not as good quality but then I use that maybe twice a day max when I'm too lazy to reach for my mouse.

I'm now thinking that there's no point in me staying loyal to my iPhone when it starts to get on a bit, same with my iPad.

The cash cow has left the field and has gone to another farmer's field who gives better food while demanding less.

A friend pointed out that Apple seem to have cloned the senior managers who destroyed Nokia, RIM (Blackberry), Nortel Networks, IBM, etc. The figures they give to investors and the stock market are far more important than recognising that those figures are solely driven by how hard they can milk their cash cows and that the cows can move on at will if they become severely dissatisfied.

And finally, to keep this on-topic for this thread, my view on the MBP these days? Designer handbag for college students to show off how much money they have. It's certainly no longer a mobile workstation for those who might need one.
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May 3, 2009
No, what I mean is that I miss it on my Windows machine, it worked fine on my all-Apple setup.
Oh I see, yes, I agree that is a nice example of how being in the Apple ecosystem is beneficial, and to be honest, keeps me on OS X. I've been debating whether I should move to a Dell laptop or MBP. There's some things I like about the new MBP, some things I don't and some things I'm concerned about.

On the concern front, I'm seeing way too many posts/threads about the keyboard malfunctioning and I'm not sure I'm willing to risk my hard earned money on that right now.

I'll be waiting until the fall at the earliest, this will allow me to see what apple does to correct the short comings of the current model

The Mercurian

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Mar 17, 2012
Also trying to wait - although my MBP2014 trackpad is starting to not work intermittently so I'm worried the machine is starting to fray at the edges


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Oct 14, 2008
It's certainly no longer a mobile workstation for those who might need one.

Excuse me, what? When was MBP ever a mobile workstation with a powerful GPU? It was always the case that you could get a gaming laptop with 2x more powerful GPU for half the price (of course that laptop would sacrifice all other things that are great about the MBP, but that is another topic altogether...).

P.S. It is true that very early titanium PowerBooks had a very impressive (by those standards) GPU — but that was also the time where the GPUs were rather a novelty and the fastest of the bunch fit into a 40W thermal envelope. Nowadays you have mobile GPUs that produce 100W+ of heat...


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Sep 26, 2011
I think you made a good choice at this point. Apple has come to realize that they slipped up when it comes to producing powerful machines for pros or semi pros who need power. I do agree to some point with a poster who mentioned that Apple's leadership had some of the wrong priorities, but please remember that share holder wealth is the top priority for public companies.

I was also ready to buy a MBP but this release really pissed me off, had a thread about buying a Dell but ended up bringing my broken iMac (which is now fixed, Apple fixed it out of warranty...for some good reasons) home and only using a PC at the office now. I am really happy with this setup, and enjoy working with Windows only at the office now...cleaned up my desktop with only 1 monitor.

Wondering what Apple will release next year, and if it's not right I will go ahead and get the Dell Precision 17 inch with all the trimmings.


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Feb 2, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I may be in this boat. 4 year old maxed-out MBP which is still rockin' but I worry what I'll replace it with. No physical escape key on the touchbar MBP is a huge problem for me, that and the high cost and mediocre performance, and no 32GB RAM. The thing is: if I buy a high-end Razer or some such, will it still be useful in 4 years as my MBP is? I doubt it.


Mar 16, 2017
A messaging system with known built-in backdoors and owned by Facebook? Yeah, no thanks.
The only real privacy is on Linux, set up a dual boot for "private time".

Oh c'mon, you really think Apple is safe? Also I have nothing to hide, they can read anything they want ;)
I'd trust Apple not to sell my conversations to ad agencies more than Facebook.


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Oct 31, 2009
Oh c'mon, you really think Apple is safe? Also I have nothing to hide, they can read anything they want ;)
There are two primary factors when considering privacy and trusting an entity with one's personal and private information: track record and what an entity stands to gain/lose from sharing said information. Apple stands on one side of these and Facebook/WhatsApp stand in stark contrast on the other.

"I've got nothing to hide" is a piss poor rationalization for the forfeiture of one's rights and privacy.
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Mar 18, 2006
I'd trust Apple not to sell my conversations to ad agencies more than Facebook.
The can see my
"Let's meet in x min"
"hello how are you"
And such anytime they want, I am not going top post anything important on a messaging service anyway, no matter who makes it.

I know it sounds so 80's but I don't use messaging services for anything's just me.

"I've got nothing to hide" is a piss poor rationalization for the forfeiture of one's rights and privacy.
You are free and decide what to post. If it is important to you, may be you should really consider other way of saying it.

You have the right to decide what is private and what is not! But really, we can agree to disagree, it is fine it won't end the world ;)
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Oct 14, 2008
Wondering what Apple will release next year, and if it's not right I will go ahead and get the Dell Precision 17 inch with all the trimmings.

And once again, Apple never ever in its history offered any laptop to compare with the likes of the Dell Precision 17". So I find it very surprising that you write about "slipping off" and so on, as they never actually offered a machine that you want in the first place. And its very unlikely that they will ever offer one, given their disinterest in niche markets.

In the more portable workstation segment, Apple's offering is very competitive performance-wise as the MBP comes with a faster GPU than the Precision 15. Which again, as far as I know, is a new thing. If anything, Apple is catching up with the competition, that has traditionally used faster GPUs. Two years ago Apple have you a GPU that was 50% of Dell XPS performance and 60% of the Dell Precision 15" performance. Now they are within the 80% of the gaming-optimised XPS and 125% of the Dell Precision.


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Feb 5, 2015
I received the new thing on Saturday, 32gb RAM, 4GB discrete graphics and other really solid stuff. It's blazingly fast and just sucks up the work I throw at it. For half the price of the highest spec MBP that still doesn't come close to the specs.

It has been said many times before - if you're looking for best specs per dollar - always choose a gaming PC from a "major company" as you say.

But you're comparing a gaming laptop to a premium laptop. Apples to oranges.

If you care about build, design, bundled software, input, screen, etc. - gaming PCs are not the way to go. And I'm not talking only about Macs - Microsoft just announced the Surface Laptop which comes with 4Gb RAM, just one USB-A port and Intel graphics for a 1000 dollars. And - it runs Windows S, not full Windows (so only apps from the Windows store). But it's a premium built laptop with details like a special surface (no pun intended), great look, good screen, etc.

But just think about it - a 1000 dollars for 4Gb RAM and no ability to run apps outside the Windows Store (which makes even MAS look good)!!

But let me give you an example. I have the latest MBP and it has one of the best hinges I've ever tried. Not only does it open with just one hand, it feels amazing. I'm sure your "major company" laptop requires two hands to open and feels like cracking a sardine can open. I'm not trying to be mean here. If you don't care about that - and it's perfectly fine not to - than you, probably, made a good choice.

But please - and this goes for a lot of people here - stop citing specs as some kind of proof that you got a better deal. Specs are not everything for everyone. As long as the computer passes a certain level of performance, for me - it's all about the build, the inputs, the screen, the details, the reliability, etc.

It's fine to care about best specs for the money. I really mean it. Not everyone is me. But.... what are you guys doing on a MAC FORUM then?
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Mar 16, 2017
Just for perspective, we've been around this issue before: -circa 2009 - 2010 -2013

Say what you want about the sources, they're right on specs. Apple has never won the spec war. Let's stop pretending like they just released some underpowered overpriced monstrosity recently.


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Sep 22, 2011
See you when the warranty ends.
Not only warranty...

Wait till OP sees residual value... I still own Thinkpad T410s, just because it was too cheap to sell after three years. Bought it for 1800 EUR after 3 years it was worth 250 EUR (!). It lost 86% of initial value in 3 years.
Wait until Windows get older and slower... OP will need all this power.
Wait for the first virus to encrypt OP hard disk...

For me, only those three issues are a deal breaker.

Oh, I have been there. I will never go back.

Anyway, I am not judging OP choice, as soon as he is happy I am happy.

OP posted his opinion at Apple users forum, so the effect was easy to predict. Everybody will try to convince him that he is wrong + some undercover Dell reps will chime in to add more drama...

It is so easy to discuss with 'specs collectors' though. In most cases, they don't really need a computer at all. Facebook one can update with a phone.

Apple users are approached from many angles at this forum. For me, specs are irrelevant until my workflow on Mac is rock solid, and I can deliver without thinking about system/hardware issues and quirks. Any longer contact with a windows machine is painful - reminding me how crappy PC OS (Windows) is.

If you want a gaming machine, get PS4/Xbox. You will never win this chase with required specs for latest games.
Specs are not everything for everyone.

That is so true.

Macs are used for content creation and for delivering ... basically for making money. Just look around - even IBM (!) switched to Macs because they were sick of customer support and crappy reliability. Now they are saving money by buying more expensive Macs - surprised?

If anybody is doing anything useful and want reliability, they go with Macs or work with supercomputers/clusters (e.g. CFD simulations).
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Mar 9, 2015
A little off topic, but who cares, I just have to get this out there.

I just LOVE these grand dramatic declarations that pop up on here from time to time. "I'm jumping ship!", "Officially done with MacBooks!", and the latest offering, "The start of the end for me".

It really seems to be true what they say about computers not being just computers for some people. Having said that, I really am glad OP now has a machine that does everything he needs it to do. It's a good thing we have choices, as there are not many groups of people out there with more varying needs than computer aficionados. Actually there probably are quite a few, but for the sake of discussion on this very forum let's say that there aren't.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to track some guitars on my designer handbag.


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Mar 29, 2009
Apple isn't trying to compete with gaming PC made by Alienware/Razer, or portable workstations from HP/Dell

Apple is giving you something you can do real work on (video, graphics, heavy development) but also something you can get 8+ hours of battery life out of and weigh less than 4lbs and carry with you.


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Oct 9, 2008
You know, I use both. I have a top end Windows desktop with a 7700k + [and my wife STILL doesn't know this] 2 x GTX 1080ti in SLI. 32 gig ram, dual m.2 512 SSDs (one of them is even NVME!)

But when I'm not gaming [the true point of this machine] or doing heavy transcode work -- I have a top shelf 15" 2016 MbP. It can still run all my games [FFXIV in Windows, games in OS/X], has great battery life, and enough power that I can still do light-medium transcoding on it [it's more convenient]

I've been through Razer's 14 and 17" offerings, The Sp4 and SB 1st gen. . I even bought my son a 17" Alienware Kaby lake + GTX 1070. ALL of those machines are great machines. . . but the one I'm REALLY comfortable on is the MbP. Not because it's OS/X, Not because it's "made by Apple". . but because it is a comfortable machine to use for me, especially in situations where I don't feel like firing up a higher end gaming desktop to write E-mails and browse Facebook.

At the end of the day, this is what matters. It's actually OKAY to buy a laptop PC, or a Galaxy S8+, or a [insert random smart watch or fitness tracker here].

There are a lot of great machines out there these days. The MacBook Pro 2016 is still one of them. It's not as powerful as a 2017 Blade Pro or as battery efficient as a Surface Book, But it's still got amazing power for it's power draw and great battery for it's configuration.

So with all that, O/P, It's awesome you found a machine you're comfortable with ^^. I won't ask why you chose to put up this post advertising it, because I think we all understand the relative . . . turbulence with apple product satisfaction these days, and definitely get people wanting to air their relative disappointment (or to help justify their decision making process. . . it can go both ways). When the next model comes out, or the next iPhone, watch, Pad, etc. . I'm sure we'll see you again. . and you'll still be as welcome as always :).
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