Thunderbolt 2 - USB-A adapter/cable

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    Hello all,

    Does anybody know if:
    Thunderbolt 2 to USB-A cables ever existed?
    I can't find any online and that seems strange.

    There a plenty of Thunderbolt 3 to USB A cables but I can't find anything for thunderbolt 2.

    I want one because I've already used up my two USB A ports on my MacBook Pro retina 15" and want to use the thunderbolt ports to connect a keyboard. It's the new KOMPLETE CONTROL S88 by Native Instruments.
    I'd use the USB HUB but it's already got an iLok, e-licenser and HDD attached so I want a dedicated port for low latency.

    (The other USB port is used for my audio interface so I can't tap into that without having latency issues.

    The only thing I can find online are expensive thunderbolt 2 docks that go for well over $200. All I need is a cable.

    If anyone can point out a product that would be helpful. Thanks!
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    OP, the product you're looking for doesn't exist. A special chipset is required for the TB 1/2-to-USB conversion, and that chipset costs around US$40 for bulk purchases.

    There are two products that are adapters (not docks) that are manufactured by reputable manufacturers. The adapters, however, aren't cheap and do include an additional port that you may or may not need - they're either USB 3.0 and paired with either Gigabit Ethernet or eSATA and are priced around US$80. Your only alternative is a dock which, as you pointed out can cost far more than that. The two manufacturers are StarTech and Kanex. I've purchased from both manufacturers and their products perform without any issues - they just work. Kanex sells one of their adapters directly through the Apple Store (here in the US, the version that includes eSATA) without any additional markup.
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    Be careful if you purchase a dock or adapter because usually the USB3 port is not bootable from an external drive if you desire that capability.

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