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Mar 13, 2009
Tokyo, Japan
The new iMacs only have USB C ports, and my purposes include some legacy USB 3 hardware and an SD card slot.

Many existing hubs/docks seem to cater to MacBooks with redundant features like:
  • VGA/DVI output… gross, don't need that;
  • Ethernet input, which the iMac already has built into the power adapter;
  • "Passthrough power" for charging, but the iMac doesn't take power input like that… seems like a useless port if it's power-input only.
Basically I just need USB 3 legacy type-A ports and an SD card reader. But because it's going to be a permanent fixture on the desk, I want it to:
  • look good (ideally with a metallic/aluminum exterior rather than cheap plastic);
  • be heavy enough sit firmly on the desk, without the force of its own cable moving itself across the desk;
  • be accessible enough to plug things in easily such that they're not touching the desk, like a free-standing vertical array.

Has MacRumors done any such product reviews? Does anybody have any recommendations?
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Sep 16, 2016
So Calif
If you want the SD card and USB-A a high quality dock would be $240 CalDigit TS3:

I don't need the SD, but do need USB-A & HDMI so I use a $80 adapter:
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