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usb c

  1. J

    G Speed Shuttle Thunderbolt 3 RAID not working with 2015 MBP via adaptor

    Hi I've been given a G-Speed Shuttle Thunderbolt 3 RAID to edit from but it doesn't seem to work on my 2015 Macbook Pro. I've got a 2015 MBP running Mojave. I've tried using a USB-C to USB-3 cable from the RAID into my MBP but no luck. I then found a Thunderbolt 2 to USB-C (I think, it might...
  2. juliovg

    Which dock hub buy?

    Hello guys I have a question? I have a Mac book pro early 2013 (that has thunderbold) And I’m looking for a dock hub that I could use with a new Mac book pro too. Which dock can I buy? And which adapter, will be the best? regards
  3. B

    Would a USB-C to Thunderbolt 1 adapter increase external SSD speed at all for video editing?

    I've got a Mid 2012 retina Macbook pro with Thunderbolt 1 ports and USB 3.0 ports. I do a lot of 4k video editing off a SanDisk SSD with a 550MB/s max speed. The drive has a USB-C connector. Right now I've got it hooked up with the included USB-C to A adaptor. Would getting some sort of USB-C...
  4. louij2

    CForce CF015Cv2 USB C display OS X problems

    Hi I purchased CForce CF015Cv2 after looking at the many videos of people getting it to work in Mojave. I am able to get it working in Manjaro, Windows 10 & Yosemite but if I try in any later OS X I am presented with a grey static display? I contacted their support and was told Apple removed the...
  5. KevinAPearson

    Hard drive connection which is best?

    I'm getting my first Mac Mini (2020) in a couple of weeks. I have 3 WD 8TB external USB 3.0 Hard Disks that I want to connect. I'm trying to work out if there is any "Best" way to connect the drives to my Mac Mini. I have 3x usb-c to usb 3.0 adaptors I could use to attach them all to a separate...
  6. S

    Thunderbolt 1 to usb c monitor

    Hi all, I’m new here but would love some help. I have an early 2014 MacBook Air that has thunderbolt 1. I have just bought a new dell usb c monitor.(Dell U2419HC) I want to connect my 2014 MacBook Air to this. What is the best way to do this? The monitor has a built in hub(with 4 downstream...
  7. A

    Macbook pro 13 Adaptors USB C!!

    I bought the new 13 "MacBook Pro and at the store they offered me their adapters which I sincerely find awkward and expensive. I was wondering if any of you can suggest me MacBook Pro adapters with the following USB, USB C, HDMI and SD SLOT use purely for work, need a reliable product...
  8. T

    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 wont charger with usb C to lightning cable

    I have 3rd party 65w USB C charger and original USB C to lightning cable which seems to be working for my iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 5th gen with no issue. But when I plug in my iPhone 11 , is just doesn’t charge!! The charger adapter came in the box seems to be working. Is there a known issue...
  9. N

    Macbook Pro 2015 With New LG 24" Screen

    Im buying the new LG 24" screen and I was wondering if I get a HDMI to USB C / TB3 cable will the screen work ok with my Macbook Pro 2015 15" or should i get mini display port TB2 to TB3 cable instead?
  10. A

    included USB-C cable weird behaviour

    I bought a usb c power meter and I did an experiment. I noticed that with Apple's included usb-c cable charging is not stable ☹️. As you can see in the screenshots I took. In stage 1 I charged with the usb-c power meter between the Macbook and charging cable. You can see that I charge with a...
  11. M

    thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)

    Hi, I have a 15 inch retina MBP mid 2015 which has two thunderbolt 2 ports and two USB-3 ports and I recently purchased an external drive WD My Passport Ultra with USB-C/USB-3 connectors. Besides the fact that I can connect the drive to the MBP through USB-3, I would like to connect the external...
  12. M

    Ingesting video from a USB C SSD on a 2015 MBP with no USB C port

    Im about to get delivery of a Black Magic pocket 4k that records to an SSD. The SSD is connected by USB C but my MacBook only has thunderbolt 2 and USB 3 ports. I know you can get adaptor cables but is this all just snake oil here. Has anyone actually done it and got it to work successfully...
  13. gri

    Connecting to a 5K LG display - need the correct cable

    I have a set ups with a iMac Pro and I bough a LG 5K display to use as a secondary monitor so that I can stand during work. I could not install a standing desk into my office but I have now a wall holder for a monitor and for the keyboard. I intend to mirror displays, take the wireless keyboard...
  14. S

    Untethered USB C Hub

    Hi All, I'm trying to get hold of an untethered (IE I can use my own cable into it) USB C Hub to put in a flightcase for work - and I can't seem to find a single one on the market that doesn't have it's own flying lead coming off it! It needs ethernet and a USB 2 (or 3) port and if possible...
  15. markmcb

    USB-C Switch (Not Hub)

    I'm unable to find a USB-C switch. Do they exist? Use case: I have a personal MacBook Pro and a MBP for work. At my home desk, I plug my MBP into a CalDigit TS3Plus+ (which is great btw). This gives me quick connectivity to my monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and 85W of power. I'd like to be...
  16. J

    2018 MBA: Fast(er) Charging Available?

    Hi Everyone, I believe that the 2018 MBA comes with a 30 watt USB-C charger. If you were to use a 45 watt, 60 watt, or 87 watt USB-C charger, would the 2018 MBA charge any faster? Or is the 2018 MacBook Air physically limited to charging at a max of 30 watts?
  17. C

    iMac Pro USB C HUB needed

    Hey guys, Im looking for a good and simple USB C Hub, that I can use with my iMac Pro / MacBook Pro. Just need 2 USB C and 2 USB 3.0 Ports (A) - nothing special so far. maybe someone can recommend me a good one? (I don't want these that I can directly install to the iMac Pro, because they...
  18. M

    How to unplug usb c battery

    Hello Community, I have a weird problem with my new macbook pro 15 2018, i am not able to unplug the usb c cable, magsafe was a lot easier, would be very happy for a help. Regards
  19. aevan

    Charging a MBP with iPad's charger

    I hooked up my 15" 2016 MBP to the iPad's 18W charger to see what will happen, and - as expected - it started to charge. Now, before anyone says anything - yes, I know, it would be really, really slow - but I guess it could charge over night. Would I ever charge it, like this? Probably not, but...
  20. Donka

    iPad Pro Inateck 60W Wall Charger Dual USB-C ports review

    There is a lot of talk about chargers for the new iPad Pros with more than one USB-C port so I said in another thread I would write up a quick review. This USB Charger from Inateck is a double port, USB-C wall charger which is great for travellers. Measuring in at 77 × 77 × 30mm and weighing...