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usb c

  1. vertsix

    iPhone 15 Pro Max File transfer speed results for iPhone 15 Pro series - much lower than advertised

    Hello, These are my results from short testing file transfer speeds on my new iPhone 15 Pro Max using Windows. Surprisingly, no reviewers covered this in their reviews. Setup: ThinkPad T480 (Windows) Cable: Anker USB-C USB 3.2 Gen 2 Cable Port: Thunderbolt 3 Port (40 Gbps rated) SSD: Samsung...

    Do you all think this is safe...

    So we all know that some companies hide their dirt regarding security issues. Given this fact, it is with hesitation that I purchase items that I have had my eye on. I'm hoping to get feedback regarding my concerns as to whether or not I can trust these items for network connectivity, and...
  3. D

    Is it worth buying Apple usb-c to lightning cables?

    The cable that came with my iPhone 11 is broken and I need a new one, not only for charging but also for backups to my Mac. Because of the backups I am interested in (data) reliability, otherwise I'd certainly buy a much cheaper third party cable. Is there a difference? Can third party cables...
  4. B

    Time Machine external drive recommendations.

    Hey Guys, Do any of you have recommendations for an external back up drive? Previously I've used 3 different Lacie drives (with 1 failure) and 1 Western Digital drive. I'm looking for something with USB C. Thanks in advance, B
  5. T

    USB C Magic Mouse and Keyboard - When?

    I just can't see spending 300.00 on a keyboard and mouse that uses a lighting connector to charge. Anyone have any thoughts on when Apple might release a new version of these devices?
  6. E

    Charging via USB-C but no recognition of external screen

    Hi, I'm running macOS Monterey 12.6.2 on my macbook pro retina with touchbar (2016). Since a few days it no longer recognizes an external screen via any of my 4 USB C ports. Charging is still possible. I have already tried different screens, done a full reinstall, reset SMC, NVRAM and PRAM. Has...
  7. P

    USB 2/3 hub for MBA without other ports?

    So, I'm feeling confused. I going to need to be able to connect about 7 old style usb 2/3 devices to a new MBA M2. The type of devices will be wired keyboard/mice, printers, flash drives and bus powered HDD's. Can I just buy any random USB2/3 hub and use a USB to USB-c adapter to connect the...
  8. iApplereviews

    USB C Video Issues Continue

    Just updated to 13.1 beta 2 still no fix for the USB C video issues and still no acknowledgment of an issue. Haven't been able to use a USB C monitor with either of my Macs since Venturas release.
  9. C

    Mini display port to USB C adapter

    I am using a bit old device, and it seems it is mini display port (correct me if I'm wrong). Since Im using MacBook Pro 16 Ince model, I am looking for a dongle or adapter that can be connected to USB C. Any suggestions? Amazon link will be also helpful! Thanks!
  10. C

    Anyone know why the M1 Air only pulls 5W from a 5V/2.4A charger?

    I have an Anker USB 3.0 (USB Type A) charger that can output 5V/2.4A for a maximum of 12W per port. When I charge my iPhone with a USB-A to Lightning cable, it pulls the full 12W. But when I use a USB 3.0 Type A to USB-C cable to charge my M1 MacBook Air, it only pulls 5W from the charger...
  11. circatee

    MagSafe 3 or USB C

    From what I've read so far, it seems that MagSafe is merely faster at charging than USB C. However, I currently use a MBP 2019, with USB C, and all my accessories work with it fine. Would it not be better to merely stick with a USB C MBP, versus a MagSafe one? Was thinking of upgrading my MBP...
  12. D

    What do you think of this Mac Studio peripherals setup? And how to attach 2nd display?

    I plan on upgrading to a Mac Studio Max. To figure out what I need exactly I made a diagram of the stuff I plan to attach: What do you think? Does this make sense? Anything I can optimise? One big problem: How do I attach my old Apple Cinema Display (Mini Displayport & USB A) which I want to...
  13. cudo

    USB C ethernet adapter+power connected to External Monitor and than to MBP

    Hi, is is possible to connect USB C ethernet adapter to external monitor and than connect it to my MBP M1 pro so that it feeds internet and power with one usb C cable? Hope it is not too confusing. See pic attached. Thanks! net
  14. philrock

    USB C to Lightning and AW Charger

    Hello, does anybody have a USB C to Lightning and AW cable they like? I have one that is USB A but it is sooo sloooow it drives me crazy. I have a 40W dual port USB C brick and am trying to simplify my travel setup. One port for watch/phone and other for iPad. I prefer a cable over...
  15. mrgreeneyes

    question about usb flash drives

    my MacBook Air only have usb c ports, and I bought a usb-c flash drive 64gb in size and just trying to copy 20gb of comic books takes hours to copy, is that normal? should it be faster? I have the drive formatted as Mac OS extended. what should it be formatted as for it to be compatible with...
  16. M

    What is the likelihood of the m1x Macbook Pros getting the new 240W USB port?

    Hi everyone, I was reading an article about the new USB 2.1 spec and how it can power up to 240 watts using just a single USB-C cable. I read that the USB organization said that the new spec should be arriving in laptops by the end of this year. What do you guys think the likelihood of the spec...
  17. JKAussieSkater

    Thunderbolt/USB C hub recommendations for the new iMacs (2021)

    The new iMacs only have USB C ports, and my purposes include some legacy USB 3 hardware and an SD card slot. Many existing hubs/docks seem to cater to MacBooks with redundant features like: VGA/DVI output… gross, don't need that; Ethernet input, which the iMac already has built into the power...
  18. Frantisekj

    Connecting usb c drive into firewire 800?

    I wondered if I could utilize FW 800 port in my MBP somehow and searched any adapter or cable. Can not find one. Is there way to use FW 800 port for usb c devices? Would be speed beter then connecting it to USB A?
  19. S

    I need Help with M1 Macbook Pro and its USB-C ports

    I have very little knowledge with the macs and their specs. I'm a musician and use garageband to record my projects. I upgraded from a 2015 macbook pro to the M1 when I received one as a gift for my birthday. But my problem is that my audio interfaces aren't USB-C. I have a USB-C hub but for...
  20. C

    Which cable for data transfer from MacBook Pro 2012 to new M1 MacBook?

    I know my old mid-2012 machine has a mini display port. And the new M1 MacBook Pro has USB C. My problem is this: on Amazon, some cables say not for data transfer. Others are not clear if it goes FROM mdp TO USB C. Other say for monitors. are all these cables the same? If not any clue what I...