Tim Cook Visits 'Kitchen Stories' Developers and Furniture Maker Dula on German Trip


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Apr 5, 2016
I really hope the frustration being shown toward tim by the majority of posts here is a reflection of the feelings of broader Apple customers
Let's harp on what he wears. Really. Tim, you like that Mr Roger's look you've got going?

Sad to see all the other executives in coat and tie and Mr Cook wears his loungewear because he's such a stud he doesn't need to wear his suit and tie.

Yeah, right.
Isn't he just copying somebody else's idea again?
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Apr 19, 2016
Tim spins everything into politics, social, race and gender. In the mean time the mac pro is 4 years old, the neutered mini is 3 years old, the apple display has been cancelled and he pays employees in china pennies on the dollar to build iPhones and iPads.

Then he goes to Germany and preach labor laws and fair pay
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