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Apr 12, 2001

Dutch company TomTom today announced that it has significantly revamped its iPhone navigation app with several new features, including customizable offline maps with weekly updates, lane guidance, and CarPlay support. The app has also been renamed from TomTom GO Mobile to TomTom GO Navigation.


The offline maps are available on an à-la-carte basis, meaning that users can download maps only for the regions they need to save storage space. TomTom says the maps will automatically receive weekly updates to help users avoid newly blocked lanes, active road construction, and other traffic delays.

CarPlay support enables users to access the TomTom app from their dashboard display in vehicles equipped with Apple's software platform, complete with new lane guidance functionality that helps users avoid missing turns and last-second merges by zooming in on their lane as they approach an intersection or exit.


Unfortunately, the iPhone app's route bar is not available on CarPlay at this time:

Hi Dirk, unfortunately, the CarPlay® User Interface templates do not allow for the route bar in its current form. We are investigating ways to incorporate the information and features of the route bar in future versions of the app. Cheers, TomTom Team - TomTom (@TomTom) June 11, 2019

TomTom GO Navigation also provides point-of-interest search, real-time traffic conditions, speed camera alerts, and other services.

TomTom GO Navigation is available in the App Store and is expected to launch on Android later this year. The app offers a free trial, followed by one-, three-, and six-month subscriptions for $1.99, $4.99, and $8.99 respectively.

Article Link: TomTom Revamps iPhone App With CarPlay Support, Lane Guidance, Offline Maps With Weekly Updates, and More


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Sep 9, 2013
Impruneta (FI), Italy
I use my TomTom navigator every time. Way more reliable than any navigation based on the cellular line IMO. Glad to see that they are pushing some interesting update for the mobile application!
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Oct 17, 2010
Newcastle, UK
Waze is awful in the UK for traffic.

I’ve tried them all and have stuck with TomTom, don’t mind paying a small fee for accuracy.

Agree 100%, used TomTom for years and still find it the most accurate sat nav (especially for speed cameras, mobile camera hot spots and accident zones). Used it in Europe and Florida without any hiccups. New interface is good but its still lacking in features compared to the previous GO app, hopefully these will be added with future updates. Not a bad deal in the UK for six months subscription and a free month thrown in. Long overdue so hopefully they keep the updates regular.


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May 14, 2012
TomTom allows you to add multiple stops on your way to the destination and, because the maps have been downloaded to your device, TomTom uses almost 0 cellular data.
Waze allows multiple stops. I do that all the time.


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Nov 21, 2008
I used Navigon until they folded, and have been looking for a carplay compatible replacement since then. I prefer offline maps, and trust TomTom's extensive experience specializing in the mapping space. I've used waze, google, and apple maps all because they have been the only carplay compatible options, but would not call myself a fan of any of them (the amount of accidents i've almost gotten into with Waze's constantly optimizing directions).

I wish Garmin would reinvest in navigon..It's my belief they folded because they were kept off carplay for so long. Absent them, I'm more than willing to give TomTom a shot.


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May 14, 2012
Here WeGo and Sygic offer free offline mode with selective maps.

By the way, those of you who have older iPhone devices that are not on any cellular plans, connect it to your wifi, install a free offline gps apps and download maps for your area.
Then place the iPhone in the car and type in destination address and press start navigation, and the device will ping the cellular towers to get free gps triangulation even though it says no service and begin your drive.
And besides that you can still dial 911 on these devices for emergencies.
[doublepost=1560270761][/doublepost]Waze does offer offline navigation as long as you start your drive with either cellular data or wifi data and don't veer off the route.
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