Ugly Data For Apple Shows How Desperately It Needs iPhone 6 To Be A Hit

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Alchematron, Aug 17, 2014.

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    Ugly Data For Apple Shows How Desperately It Needs iPhone 6 To Be A Hit

    Apple may be the most successful, envied tech company on the planet. But its dominance is far from obvious according to new data from IDC, which tracks worldwide smartphone shipments.

    Apple's market share for the iPhone slipped year on year to just 11.7% of the entire market, while Android's market share increased to 84.7%.

    Similarly, while Apple sold 35.2 million phones last quarter, an increase of 4 million; Android phones reached 255.3 million new buyers, an increase of 64 million new phones, IDC reports.

    In other words, there are seven Android phones sold for every one iPhone.

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    LuLz... I enjoy seeing these kinds of posts from people. Lets break some things down.

    7 Android phones to 1 iPhone. And 5 of those 7 are probably cheap $200 Android phones aimed at Prepaid, BYOP and emerging markets like China and India.

    Why do you compare apples to oranges? iPhone is a device. Android is an operating system. You are comparing hardware sales to OS distribution. That is STUPID. Who makes Android? Google. Last time I checked, Google gives out Android for FREE. It is not a sold product. Google makes it's money on it through data mining and advertising...

    To make fair comparisons, why don't you compare individual Android phone manufacturer sales. Why lump them together?

    I think Samsung beats out Apple in worldwide units sold... total... for ALL of their phones... even all of the cheapo Galaxy off-shoots. But... who generates the most revenue? Who makes the biggest profits?

    Apple. And they don't need to release 2 flagships and 10 other crappy cheap phones with staggered releases (coughimlookingatyousamsung) throughout the year. Apple introduces 1-2 NEW iPhones at the same time each year and the is not a single Android phone manufacturer that can touch them in revenue, profit, customer satisfaction & brand loyalty.

    If I could choose to be in any position, I would take Apple's position in a heartbeat, and I would not be scared one bit. I'd be enjoying a bit of that $150 BILLION in cash I have sitting in the bank.
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    Surely if you are comparing the iPhone to the entire Android range, we should include all iOS devices like iPads, iPods etc?

    These figures will always look bad for Apple because they have a very different product. If iOS was free and given to 30 or 40 manufacturers to package on their own devices, I'm sure the figures for anybody who really gives a damn, would look better.

    The iPhone is popular and successful in its own right and doesn't need silly biased comparisons to boost its appeal.

    That article is about as selective as you can get! Its a bit like saying Andy from the computer shop on the corner doesn't sell as many PC's as the entire PC World chain of shops lol. Its laughable in the extreme.
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    Well said.

    Apple isn't desperate to make the iPhone 6 a hit. It will be a hit product and will outsell all other iPhones no doubt.

    Dumb article.
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    Samsung's data is not good either. The market is saturated but the 6 will spark alot of interest.

    I trust Apple will do just fine. They kinda are aiming their hardware at the higher end of the market and know how to market better than anyone!
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    Apple are doing just fine. I have a feeling that the iPhone 6 will go down a storm.
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    I have no doubt in my mind that the iPhone 6 will be a game changer for Apple, especially if the rumors of 2 different models with large screens are true. They are already predicting that a lot of Android users plan on switching to Apple comes out with a larger screen iPhone.
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    How about we compare iPhone sales to Samsung sales, or LG or HTC. We can go on forever. Android is on phones offered by multiple companies while IOS is only for Apple. And I'm pretty sure someone looked at the numbers and found that in the month Samsung launched their S5, Apple still sold dramatically more iPhone 5s's months after that product had been released. Someone here might have a link for that since I can't look for it at the moment. It's pretty bad when a phone that is months old can outsell a brand new phone.
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    I found this link. There may be better ones to support this data:
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    I don't know about game changer, but it will sell well. I would be intrigued about the number of users who actually switch. Some people use both, but I'm interested in those that actually change platforms entirely.
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    I think a lot of Android users are using the device due to the larger screen size option over Apples current sized screen. A lot of the customers who did go to Android for this reason won't have any issues switching platforms again. Heck, iOS is so easy to use even Android users who have never used iOS before shouldn't have any problems getting used to it.
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    That's possible, but I would still want to see the numbers. I personally detest iTunes, so I'm hesitant to just adapt. It doesn't help that most of my music is in FLAC.
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    People who say market share doesn't matter are wrong. It does matter to developers. Just like the Mac--we may have the best OS and computer but since Windows has the market share locked down more software is for Windows. If you can get a game on Mac it's usually a cheap ported version 3 years later.

    Market share matters--they didn't learn their lesson from the Mac is apparent.
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    What actually matters is where developers think they can make money. It's not market share that really matters, it's profit share, that goes for device makers and developers.
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    Developers have yet to make android first in development. This is not mac vs pc where mac didnt take off until like the mid 2000's.
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    I know of many who left Apple for a larger screen.

    Now they can come back!:apple:
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    For how many windows machines are sold every year, Apple seriously needs their Macs to be a hit.....:rolleyes:
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    Yeah if apple doesn't sell a billion phones in the year they will be poor! :rolleyes:
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    Except developers are still using iOS as their primary platform you know since that's where the most opportunity for profit is. This isn't like Mac/PC where the PC was the primary platform for development. Despite its large marketshare, Android has none of the benefits that come with having the larger marketshare. They're the second tier development platform and generate less profit. Marketshare for Android is pretty much relegated to just being a nice looking number on paper.

    Apple continues to sell more and more iPhones than ever before with each new iteration. They'll be fine. We can replace the "6" in this topic title with "4", "4S", "5", etc. and it would be the same nonsense.
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    Here, have an upvote.
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    You're forgetting that if you write an android app that works on an LG G3 running kit kat, 80% of android devices won't be able to run it because they don't run on kit kat an most never will.

    Similarly, they can write that same app for iOS and it will work on 95% of everything (phones, iPads, iPods).

    So market share isn't the only consideration devs have to think about.
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    Here is a FAIR comparison (these are actually Apple's Q3 numbers even though it says Q2):

    Expect Q4 numbers to be a quite a bit better than last year as Apple anticipates demand of the iPhone 6 and ramps up accordingly (they'll get about two weeks of iPhone 6 sales in Q4). And then get ready for a record breaking holiday quarter (Apple's Q1 2015).

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    I think a fairer comparison would be putting Apple's sales against competing products. So, the sales of high end Android smart phones.

    Apple doesn't really compete with the cheaper, low end Android phones.
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    This is like comparing Macs to Windows based computers.
    Apple is not in trouble as long as their flagship phone is the best selling phone with high profit margins. Apple's marketshare has gone down because smartphones are becoming more popular in emerging markets such as India and China. iPhones in those countries are extremely expensive where as cheap Android phones are affordable there. In most places in the world, there are not such thing as subsidizes or payment plans. You'd have to pay for the phone outright. It's not that Apple is losing customers, it's more like emerging market customers are joining the smartphone era by going with the cheapest option they can get. Going from a dumbphone to a cheap android phone is still an upgrade.
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