Unopened iPhone7+ locked or unlocked question. Please advise.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by phantasms, Sep 24, 2016.

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    Hey all. Potential n00b question but impossible to search this exact situation. I have/had a 6S which was half way through two year contract. On release night I dragged myself out of bed, dealt with that nonsense, and ordered a 256 Jet Black 7Plus. As we all know I had to use my carrier account to do it [AT&T] and I paid in full for the device. Thursday I saw a 256 Matte Black 7Plus [Verizon] was at the local Apple store. I went and saw the blacks for the first time, bought the matte black 256 [paid in full] and threw my AT&T sim in with no issues. FWIW I used the reserve program online but then didn't have to sign up for that upgrade program when I got there. When I look at MyAT&T it now shows that I have a 7Plus that I'm using and it's, understandably, locked. My question is with the Jet Black phone arriving at my house Monday. It would have been today but I missed the UPS guy and was home!! lol Will this phone be locked or unlocked off the bat? I'm planning on not opening it and selling it so I want to know if I can list it as locked or not. If it is locked, is there any way to unlock it without opening the box?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    All the best,
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    If you bought a Verizon device at the Apple Store and are using it on an AT&T account, that is by definition not "locked". It doesn't matter what AT&T's website says. As far as whether or not the device you bought THROUGH your carrier is locked or not, that I do not know.
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    If you bought it from AT&T, it will be locked. Even if you paid full price for it, you'd still have to request them to unlock it. They will unlock it no problem for the account holder but something to keep in mind.
    To my understanding, that is the process.

    The Verizon one you are using is truly unlocked.
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    Historically, phones bought through the carrier are locked to that carrier. The VZW phones are the exception (due, in part, because of a condition of the deal VZW made with the FCC when buying part of the 700mhz spectrum).

    However, once the device is paid for (in full), the carriers are required to unlock the phones when asked. There may be some restrictions, but it should be easy to do.

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