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Mar 7, 2005
Fairfax, VA
Hi everyone -

I'm going on a business trip to Ottawa next month and I'm trying to figure out what my options are with respect to using my American iPhone 6 in Canada for text & data in particular?

The phone is on AT&T here, but I have gotten an unlock from them.

I called AT&T and one guy said that my mobile share plan would include talk, text and data in Canada, but another guy said that's wrong and that I would only get that if I also had AT&T cable internet or DirecTV. He said I would have to buy their passport to get text and data and a discount on calls.

I also have an iPad on AT&T's grandfathered unlimited data plan, but I figure my best option is to try using a hotspot from my iPhone.

Would buying a pre-paid SIM once I get to Canada make the most sense?



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Nov 25, 2009
Northern California
Call AT&T (you may have to ask for the retentions department) and ask for the AT&T Canada Roaming bonus which should be added to your account for free. It includes unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of Data for free.


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Apr 16, 2008
At the iPhone hacks section.
As I mentioned above, I have gotten an unlock from them. Haven't gone through the process yet, but they did approve my request.

Has anyone used the AT&T Passport plan? Seems quite pricey.

Oh great, then I would just get a local sim with data.
AT&T international packages are an arm and a leg.
A weeks trip out of the US last year cost me $85 in overages and I didn't even use it that much.
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