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  1. sk123 macrumors newbie

    Mar 12, 2016
    Hi, I am really hoping someone can offer some insight on this very strange occurrence i just experienced. My computer was left on and the last and only thing i had done on it (today) was use Netflix. The screen had been displaying a Netflix show which i had left paused for a few hours. My screen remained on, never went black just showing the paused show. All of a sudden as I was cleaning my room and talking to my brother a weird blue screen popped up that looked kind of like it was part of a slide show and this new screen that just took over my computer had a word and its definition on it. It was so weird, when i grabbed my computer to see what was going on, as i moved the mouse it seemed to just disappear on its own, taking me back to the Netflix page. I was pretty scared being that the word was something really weird and no one had touched the computer at all. I also looked to see what programs may have been open, specifically looked at powerpoint and word and nothing was running. i even checked my history to see if that word had been searched or something and my history was just netlfix. Im so confused and scared, please help me!
  2. killawat macrumors 65816

    Sep 11, 2014
    Your screen saver is set to word of the day. Go into system preferences to change.
  3. snaky69 macrumors 603

    Mar 14, 2008
    This, it was simply your screen saver.

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