Water in mac, Working but a problem to troubleshoot

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Jamesbrssa, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Nov 15, 2016

    So yes sadly after using my 100% working macbook pro 6 years it finally happened. Water went into it...

    Here the story:

    Glass of water(beer) fall on mac. I grab it fast as I can , flip it upside down (keyboard facing the floor) , shut it down, unplug and wipe the excess water.v

    Then I let it dry keyboard facing down with a fan and humidity remover under it for 48 hours. Remove the back panel and repeat the process 12 hours.

    Finally, I take the macbook pro, plug it (green light) 30 minutes then press the power button. Nothing... Remove the back panel, unplug the battery, plug it and thank god it opens!! So my battery is to change.

    Once opened , I find the macbook kind of slow. Ex: when I try to open the Apps kind of window like an iPhone (5 fingerd pinch move) it is dead slow. Looks like the window comes in layer of opacity and it lags when I want to change the page. Everything else work fine.

    I think maybe my hard drive is messes up and my os x is broken so I need to reinstall Os X.

    I restart the macbook, open in recovery mode, erase my hdd and try to reinstall os x with the internet recovery option (trying to install sierra). Accept conditions, first loading bar starts, complete then macbook restart to proceed with the installation. When it restart, the mac gets on the white/grey page with apple logo and loading bar and this happen!! See photo . Then the mac restart and it repeat this problem (photo) and it loop like this.

    (Look like kernel something)

    I read things about sierra not installing and crashing. So I grab a usb key and mount it with the sierra installer (like install disk) but I can't get into the startup manager (tried alt when start up. Command+alt+p+r thing to reset nvram not working.) Since I have no os x installed (see photo : no os x version)I can't get to start the mac with the usb install file.

    So here I need your help regarding:

    1. The kind of kernel error, what it says , do I need a new hard drive because it is broken?

    2. How I can enter the startup manager when starting .

    Thank you for your help, I think there is something to do to recover my mac !!!

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    More likely the motherboard has bitten the dust. water/alcohol is hard on electronics.

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