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Weekly Photo Contest - August 19-26 - Workspace

Darmok N Jalad

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Sep 26, 2017
Tanagra (not really)
From the archives .... yes that's me
I had a buddy in college who liked to take the disk drive out and tighten the spring so when he ejected the floppies, they launched out. :D


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Original poster
Oct 10, 2014
In Exile
@Clix Pix - Nice and bright workspace. Someday I’ll have a lot more time to edit photos and do stuff just for me....

@Hughmac - Thank you for explaining what this truck is for. Great night shot of ‘men at work’. - I’ve never been able to do any work in a cafe or place with too much noise and too many people. Nice light for your entry.

@Madonepro - Starkly contrasting - very nice.

@LiE_ - That looks like a nice place to work from home.

@deep diver - Another cube dweller. Bonus point for the red Tupperware.

@mollyc - Love the warm tone and the look of film in your kitchen space.

@tizeye - Nice space. What’s going on with the right side screen ?

@Alexander.Of.Oz - If I didn’t read your comment, I’d have thought something was off with your photo. Working in the dark can be a challenge.

@Laird Knox - Chaos can work for some. Hope you can find some sense of order with all that.

@mtbdudex - This could certainly have been a commercial ad from the past. Very nice.

So, thank you all for your submissions.

Third - @Hughmac

Second - @mtbdudex

And the First place goes to - @mollyc

Sorry ;)

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May 26, 2016
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Jul 17, 2013
Orlando, FL
@tizeye - Nice space. What’s going on with the right side screen ?

So, thank you all for your submissions.

Third - @Hughmac

Second - @mtbdudex

And the First place goes to - @mollyc

Sorry ;)

First, congratulations to everyone and thanks for pushing me to clean up my workspace to 'presentable.'

Right side of screen? That is Apple stock chart with a nice uptrend. ( I use to be a stockbroker in my earlier life). Actually, that computer is dedicated to security cameras as the monitoring software, Blue Iris, will only run under Windows. Built both PC's (but failed in an attempt to build a dual booting Hackintosh). It is a secondary PC but with few other programs installed...including TC2000 which is also Windows only. I do run it with Parallels on the MacBook Pro, but hate how awkward it is flipping back and forth and sometimes Windows overrides what trying to do on the Apple side.

Thanks to advertisers blasting their crap (ads) autorunning on web pages, I rarely use the speakers unless I truly want speakers. Now they jest blast into the headset which is set up as the default speaker. Flatbed scanner has to have USB, so on the desk where both printers (laser and inkjet) are wifi across the room.
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Clix Pix

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Congratulations, Molly! (My sympathy, too!). Congratulations also to mtbdudex and Hughmac! This was a fun theme, interesting to see others' workspaces!

Note to Kenoh: I have to admit I did a little tidying of my desk before taking the photo......LOL! Moved some odds and ends of bits of scrap paper with scrawled handwritten notes, set aside my paperback copy of Birds of Virginia and wiped off any errant dust bunnies.....


Oct 29, 2013
Adelaide, Australia
Great theme, judging and insights from you @stillcrazyman !

My night in this particular place was made all the more interesting by the pitch-black area, the dodging of cow pats, the dodging of cows and sheep and kangaroos all trying to sleep and a neighbours dog that kept barking, probably because it could smell the Boof! It was a place I had permission of the landowner to be on after dark and it's a place I need to revisit as the images were all focused on the building and not the stars! 😱

For some reason the focus by wire of the Samyang 14mm when working in pitch black doesn't seem very acurate to view on the back of the camera, even when using focus peaking showing it as focused on the stars! Will take the iPad Pro 12.9" with me to control and focus via that when I return, but also take and critically view test frames prior to firing away and accepting the view on the back of the camera as true. I will also try the same image as a multi-row pano with the 35mm lens.

Congratulations to @mollyc for the well deserved win and also to all that showed their workspaces, I don't have a regular one, mine is out on-site at various locales. I don't consider my editing station to be my real workplace, it's just another tool to use, the real work for me is on the ground, or rooftop, or wherever I find myself. 😊
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Aug 28, 2007
SE Michigan
2nd place ... Hoot !
agree - fun seeing others workplaces.

I took that picture as a college engineering student, it was my art elective, B&W photography, self-portrait assignment.
So I had to take the picture - yea 35mm film and a Olympus Infinity Jr, develop the film then exposure the print.
Yep - real burn and dodge stuff.
As a result of that class I eventually bought a "real" SLR upon Graduation in 4/1985, the 1986 Pentax Super Program and quite a few lens, prime and zoom.

I had this other image of a "real workplace" - almost used it ... June-1992, and at my work I used my own MacPortable because I despised the company provided MS-DOS / Win 3.1.
Yea - that laptop cost me $5.4k, then the 3MB static RAM module additional $1k.
4MB static RAM, 40MB internal HD, we've come a long way with computers ....

Total side bar - check out this marketing material on the MacPortable ....


Laird Knox

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Jun 18, 2010
@Laird Knox - Chaos can work for some. Hope you can find some sense of order with all that.
Right now I really don't have a workspace. This year I finally got rid of the CenturyLink branded router and got my Ubiquiti system configured. It is haphazardly stacked up as you see while waiting for new cabinetry to be build in my central access point. It is sharing a room with my art supplies and laser cutter. That's a sewing machine in the lower right and off cuts from the laser in the lower left. Outside the glass door is my lovely five foot wide backyard. ;)

The house is definitely a work in progress. :)

Thanks for hosting this week's contest.
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Feb 4, 2012
Kent, UK
Thanks very much for your kind comments, and thanks for the extra safe 3rd place ;)

I spent the last decade of my working life X-Ray scanning (amongst other duties), but my most memorable times were the 20 years spent on the river Thames and out to sea, chasing yachts and other craft -
- this one was taken from our 42 foot launch, but the inflatable was much more fun to drive :)

Congrats to the upper podium placers, and well done to everyone on great entries.

@mtbdudex, I have a still working Toshiba T1200xe in the loft; I even managed to get Win 3.11 going on it, even with the blue / yellow screen!

Cheers :)

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Jul 29, 2008
The Far Horizon
I"m happily retired so no "workspace in a workplace," but I definitely spend a lot of time at one space in my home. Not too long ago I took a shot of my computer workstation -- so just now figured, hey, rather than shoot a new image, just share the one I already have:

View attachment 945632

And complete with a Le Creuset coffee mug in volcanic burnt orange; that is exactly like my beloved Le Creuset (volcanic, burnt orange) coffee mug.

I am calling BS on these workspaces! WAY WAY too tidy.....

That was my thought, as well, all those desks are so unnaturally and weirdly tidy.

@mollyc loved the the way you interpreted the topic, - shooting the scene in the kitchen, rather than at a work-station, and loved the composition and the lighting in your shot.

@mtbdudex, a nice atmospheric shot, very much calling to mind the early days of computing.

Thoughtful and interesting topic.

Well done all who entered.
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