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Feb 27, 2014
Realtor. Series 3 42m SBSS. Use it for the following:
  • Use if for directions--less chatty than in-car GPS.
  • Triaging eMails/texts.
  • Triggering camera for videos of my golf swing.
Don Barar
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Jun 30, 2007
2 Original Gold Editions (38mm & 42mm), Original SS, Series 2 Ceramic Edition, Series 2 SS, Series 2 Nike, Series 3 Edition (gray ceramic), Series 3 SS (Space Black), Series 3 Nike and over 100 Apple bands.

Part time custodian at MacDonald's.


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Oct 26, 2008
S3 SBSS and S3 edition
If you sit by my cube you would think I’m a color paraphraser.
Your kidding me
No way


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Oct 1, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
42mm Series 3 GPS only and Merchandising Assistant Store Manager for a major worldwide big box retailer.

I use my Apple Watch heavily at work to receive communication from my management team (text/email), create habits/maintain lists (Things), set silent alarms, and prepare for weather changes. oh and telling time of course.


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Mar 20, 2009
Bradford, ON, Canada
I own an Apple Watch Edition (2017) Series 3, White Ceramic, 42mm. I have it linked to my mobile account for cellular sharing service as well.

I am a photographer, videographer, and do editing, production, and post-production services for my customers. I am always on the go, and as such the mobility and freedom that my cellular Apple Watch offers me is unparalleled - I absolutely love it and the mobility that comes with it if I ever forget my phone or leave it to reduce weight, particularly if I'm out on a run and don't want it clunking around in my pocket as I jog. My AirPods link to my Watch and Apple Music and I'm good to go without my phone, able to accept calls and/or messages at any time due to it having built in and linked LTE.

Ultimately I had originally purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ edition, but decided to return it and exchange for the Apple Watch Edition (White Ceramic) for a few reasons. First of all, I had the additional income available to spend on the more expensive devices, but that wasn't my sole motivation. I was at the Apple Store after the Nike+ purchase and was looking at an Apple Watch Edition, as my local Apple Store stocks all Apple Watch models. I absolutely loved the sleek, finely detailed look of the White Ceramic. It was stunning, and it reminded me of someone walking in to a meeting wearing a Rolex. This is something I decided ultimately that I'd like to get: I've never spoiled myself on a nice watch, so I decided that I liked the look and feel of it and wanted to spoil myself. The Sport Band that's included with the White Ceramic Edition is a beautiful, white and cobblestone (tan) color that looks beautiful with the case on my wrist. However, one of the things that I loved about the Nike+ editions were that they included great bands for running (I jog for a 5km run daily), and the holes in the band allow for great sweat discharge and movement flexibility while jogging. As a result, I got a few extra bands for my White Ceramic Edition:

- Nike+ Black/Anthracite sport band (for running)
- Milanese Loop (Stainless)
- Link Bracelet (Stainless)

Primarily, I wear the default/included Sport Band (White/Cobblestone) as it looks nice and sleek with the White Ceramic case, but I also like the look of the Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet (both silver stainless) with the White Ceramic as well, and will occasionally switch to one of them when doing a live shoot event for work, such as when I'm shooting a wedding or a professional event shoot. Both of these stainless bands, surprisingly to me, look fantastic against the White Ceramic case of the Apple Watch Edition.

Overall, I'm super happy with my decision to return and upgrade my Nike+ edition to the White Ceramic Apple Watch Edition, and would never go back. It's the Rolex of Apple Watches, and it's one beautiful device. Oh - one more thing. The reason I decided on White Ceramic versus Grey Ceramic is quite simple: I wanted the fact that it was an Apple Watch Edition to stand out, and after wearing and trying out the Grey Ceramic case, I determined that it looks too much like the Grey Stainless Steel Standard Apple Watch Series 3 cases (not Sport, but regular Watch), and as such, decided to go for White Ceramic for the fact that it was firstly a beautiful look, and secondly, stands out as being an Edition - making a statement when I go in to a meeting to pitch a project. It demands respect.

And it's a phenomenal watch, that comes in a beautiful case and hard plastic display case inside the huge box - also included is the magnetic charging stand, normally an additional $99 as a standalone accessory.


PS: And now for the main event, a shot of the beauty itself! The only thing missing from this photo that is included in the box is the Apple Watch Magnetic Dock charger, which is currently setup on my nightstand, lol:

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Jul 12, 2010
AW series 2 42MM

Deeds & Records assistant for Law firm

I use my watch for notifications, keeping track of the unpredictable English weather, Apple Pay, checking in via Swarm, tracking my steps and flights of stairs walked up and also finding out the time now and again ;)
Strava is my most used app on the watch I cycle to and from London everyday, 14.5 miles each way...I'm also a sucker for the challenges in Activity!
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